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Obduction walkthrough: Maray 3. The Gauntlet

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The next area you're going to cross is known as The Gauntlet. You're going to be doing a lot of Swap Machine travel and connecting bridges. Like, a lot. The thing to remember here is that Swap Machines don't all have the same radius of effect (per C.W.'s note in his workshop). The grooves in the floor are a good guide to how much of the world any given Swap Machine moves. This radius, conveniently, can include another Swap Machine. That's the key to The Gauntlet.


In the next room you enter, you'll find two Swap Machines in a room with only one door. Use the second Swap Machine you come to — not the one closest to the door, but the one in the center of the room. This one will move the entire room to Hunrath.

Once you arrive, go to the Swap Machine that came with you, and use it to transport back to Maray. This seed has a much smaller radius. You'll see that your first swap cleared the wall that was in front of the door, and your second swap only brought back a small chunk of Maray.

Head through the new door to find an elevator. Use the elevator you to descend and take the ramp you see on your left.

You'll enter another room very similar to the one you just left, but, of course, with a twist. There are three Swap Machines in this room along with a button outside that spins the entire room (much like Hunrath/Kaptar's globe puzzle).

Use the Swap Machine on the left first — not the center and not the one surrounded by sandstone.

Across the room, you'll find a Villein machine you can use to build a bridge.

On the other side of the bridge, there's a chair and a note from Farley that explains why you're going through all of these swaps and maneuvers.

Use the Swap Machine next to the Villein input device to return to Maray. This will let you build another bridge if you want to — this one is optional. This bridge only leads to the remains of the red beam.

Head back to the room and exit to the left where you first came in. Use the button to rotate the room 180 degrees.

Go inside and build the bridge. As tempting as it is to cross it, there's another step you need to take first. Use the Swap Machine next to the input device again.

Build the bridge in Hunrath. You'll be using this bridge in a minute, but right now, it's a dead end. Use any of the swap devices to return to Maray.

Across the most recent bridge in Maray is a room with a Swap Machine. Use the Swap Machine to travel to Hunrath again.

Backtrack across the bridge and use any of the Swap Machines to return again to Maray.

Once you're back, you'll find the path open now. Follow it to the Maze.

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