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Obduction walkthrough: Kaptar 6. Getting to Maray

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Before traveling to the next world, there's a door you'll have to unlock.

The Swap Machine you need to use is the one you passed on your climb up to Farley's room. If you're coming from the Tree, you'll have to take the elevator back to the top and work your way down. If you're coming from the Temple, follow the instructions to Farley's room until you find this Swap Machine. It's in a room off of the first landing after you pass the Polyarch skeleton and pass through the dome wall.

Use the Swap Machine to travel to Maray. Once there, you'll be in a very limited area. In fact, there's only one thing to do. You'll find a Villein machine overlooking a closed door. This machine only has room for one digit of a Villein number and is already set to three.

Your goal is to set the machine to zero. You can do this either by connecting the last dots and setting the digit to four — which is an invalid digit — or by removing all of the connections. Whichever you choose, push the blue button, and the door will open. You can't get down to the door from here, so head back to Kaptar with the Swap Machine.

Your next step is to get back to Hunrath. You have a number of choices for how to do this as well. You could use the walkways between the Trees' roots or you could use the Swap Machines you've found where you destroyed the red beam, in Farley's room or at the beginning of the level. We used the one at the beginning of the level.

Once you're back in Hunrath, you are looking for a Swap Machine that is on top of the wall, near the dome on the side where you first entered the mayor's vault.

You can get there by retracing your steps from earlier in the guide. When you get to the top of the wall — on the left side of Farley's map — turn to the right to find the Maray Swap Machine.

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