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How to farm EXP in Octopath Traveler 2

Grab those Octopuff Travelers and Caits, or maybe try a funny Bewildering Grace strategy

Temenos as a scholar faces off against an adorable Octopuff Traveler Image: Square Enix via Polygon

There isn’t a particularly “broken” method for farming EXP in Octopath Traveler 2, but there are some things you can do to minimize the pain of grinding.

The best thing to do to farm EXP is to just fight enemies in the highest level place you have access to and can handle. You can swap in lower leveled characters into your party while one or two of your high-leveled characters carry the weight. However, if you do this, you’ll need to make sure that none of the characters you want to level are dead at the end of the fight because dead characters get no EXP.

Also make sure to equip EXP-increasing accessories and support skills. Thief has “Life in the Shadows,” which increases EXP and Job Point (JP) gains at night. Scholar has “Extra Experience” which boosts EXP after every battle. You can also wear an EXP Augmentor accessory to boost EXP gains further.

You’ll also want to make sure to kill any Octopuff Travelers or Caits you come across while grinding. These reward extra money, JP, and EXP, so make sure to kill them before they flee. We recommend using elemental damage skills, as physical damage will often miss them and magic never misses.

You can increase your chances of seeing Caits and Octopuff Travelers by wearing Cait Powder and an Octopuff Pot, respectively. You can steal an Octopuff Pot from an NPC in Conning Creek and find a Cait Powder in a chest in Tropu’hopu. Conning Creek is the city below where you unlock Castti and Tropu’hopu is the city to the east of where you unlock Ochette. Hunters also have a support skill that will increase the chances of finding a rare monster.

Using the gambling Bewildering Grace strategy

You can also do the “Bewildering Grace” RNG strategy using Partitio with the dancer secondary class.

Partitio performs Bewildering Grace for some birds in Octopath Traveler 2 Image: Square Enix via Polygon

Bewildering Grace is a dancer skill that costs 25 SP and performs a random action. You can boost it so it does more random actions in one turn: It can kill your party instantly, summon a monster to deal damage to the enemies, turn the enemies into Caits, debuff your party... the list goes on.

However, lucky players will see EXP multipliers. It’s possible for your EXP to double or quintuple from the effects of Bewildering Grace, which is a huge payout, especially if you use it against, say, a boss enemy or a Cait. Extremely lucky players will see a huge 100x EXP payout, which is likely enough EXP to set that character for the rest of the game. (Remember, gear matters more than levels, ultimately.)

Partitio specifically can use his latent ability to max out his BP at the start of battle, allowing him to do a fully boosted Bewildering Grace in the first turn. With his merchant support skill, “Full Power,” he will start the battle with a maxed out latent ability gauge. If you don’t get the EXP multiplier you want, you can try again on a later turn, but if you push your luck too much, the outcome might not be favorable (your party can literally explode and die).

You can equip the dancer support skill “The Show Goes On” (which will save you with 1 HP from a lethal attack) to help Partitio survive these explosions, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t just get hit again after.

That said, if you’re using this strategy, make sure to save often. If you use this strategy for a boss, we recommend using Bewildering Grace right at the start of the battle. If you roll some bad outcomes, you can just restart the battle again no problem.

For more help with Octopath Traveler 2, check out our guides on the best job combos and secret job locations.

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