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The complete ranking of the mainline Halo games, including Halo Infinite

Encanto finally nails Disney’s villain-free formula

Pen15’s final season is a punch to the throat

The success of MrBeast’s Squid Game is its own dystopia

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Halo is at its best when it embraces horror

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Pringles has Halo-themed flavors and I tried them

Star Wars is better with no new movies coming out

Every James Bond movie is a story of its era

Inscryption fans solved the game’s wildest puzzles, but it’s just as brilliant without them

Bobby Kotick must resign

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Eternals pivots Marvel’s drama from 9/11 metaphor to climate change

The franchise is on the brink of an evolution — or a one-off

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Halo 3: ODST is still unlike any other Halo

Forza Horizon 5’s amazing first 10 minutes show why it’s a huge hit

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Halo 2’s Lockout is the quintessential arena map

Every episode of Cowboy Bebop is good, except one

The Super Mario 64 Lego Question Mark Block is all about secrets

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Halo campaigns are best played in co-op

How does Samus Aran turn into a ball? An investigation

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Why every generation re-discovers Stephen King

A most American nightmare

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There’s no way I’d survive a horror movie

Whenever the victims split up, run upstairs, or go into the basement alone? I’d do that.

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‘Everything new will kill you’ is the worst trope in horror

Streamers can lose the music in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy — but it does kill the vibe

For a legally blind player, Far Cry 6’s accessibility options are empowering

The uncomfortable truth of Call of Duty’s latest marketing campaign

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An indie game finally gave me something Halo never did

Cowboy Bebop can’t ruin Vicious because Vicious sucks, actually

11 hidden object games you shouldn’t miss

Back 4 Blood is the best-case scenario for Xbox Game Pass

No Time to Die ends Daniel Craig’s Bond run with an act of fate

The wrong person won Squid Game

The best parts of Lucifer were the unapologetically goofy bits

Alan Wake: Remastered revives the frustrating masterpiece