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Wario deserves an exclusive console

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20 years later, Wario Land 4’s sound room still haunts me

Insomniac’s Marvel games offer a focus that Marvel’s Avengers is missing

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WarioWare: Get It Together! is a better party game when chaos is involved

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WarioWare: Get it Together!'s best microgame is literally Super Mario World

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has radically reshaped the Fast & Furious franchise

No More Heroes 3 has the most genre-breaking boss battle ever

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The original Final Fantasy shouldn’t be modernized

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The Good Fight is the Star Trek of legal dramas

Big ideas, reckless abandon, and the perfect crew

Nobody is talking about this week’s biggest Destiny 2 announcement

Is Destiny a PvE or PvP game? Bungie can’t decide

The Green Knight doesn’t have to discuss race to make its racial messages clear

Marvel’s Avengers’ Black Panther is as indestructible as you’d want

Fall Guys’ extra reward systems have gotten a little bit silly

Heads-up: Twelve Minutes is more violent and traumatic than its visuals suggest

How the video game industry can unionize in the wake of Activision Blizzard

It’s OK to be horny for the villain

The time boat is the coolest part of Skyward Sword, and maybe any Zelda game

The Great Ace Attorney takes aim at the British Empire but doesn’t pull the trigger

Final Fantasy 14 feels designed for ‘altoholics’ like me

It’s weird how much I like doing the murder in Dread Hunger

The Green Knight’s sensuality comes with a sharp warning about selfish sex

Space Jam: A New Legacy runs on video game logic, in every way

Janky games may be broken, but they have a special place in my heart

Pokémon Unite has a Gengar problem

Battlefield 2042’s new mode is the opposite of esports, and that rules

Sports video games double-dip with annual releases and cosmetic battle passes

Skyward Sword deserved the Final Fantasy 7 Remake treatment

Samurai Warriors 5 does what Warriors games do well, again

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It took me two years and 300 hours to beat Sekiro

I got gud

OK, Kingdom Hearts, you win: I love Final Fantasy now

A close up of Bob Hoskins as Mario, with Dennis Hopper as Bowser, with a tiny-headed goomba in the background. Behind them the text says “NOT BAD?”

We were never going to like Super Mario Bros.: The Movie