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An indie game finally gave me something Halo never did

Cowboy Bebop can’t ruin Vicious because Vicious sucks, actually

11 hidden object games you shouldn’t miss

Back 4 Blood is the best-case scenario for Xbox Game Pass

No Time to Die ends Daniel Craig’s Bond run with an act of fate

The wrong person won Squid Game

The best parts of Lucifer were the unapologetically goofy bits

Alan Wake: Remastered revives the frustrating masterpiece

Squid Game’s dark finale cements the show’s hope for humanity

Deathloop’s big twist is unearned and underbaked

Deathloop lets me play my way and get away consequence free

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Wario is the ultimate Italian American

The refreshing cockiness of Mythic Quest’s Poppy Li

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Wario’s shoes are the window to his soul

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Make another Wario platformer, you absolute cowards

Castlevania Advance Collection brings with it the series’ best game (sorry, Symphony of the Night)

Star Wars needs more non-human heroes

If you liked Deathloop, you should read The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

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Mario wishes he were half as cool as Wario

Deathloop’s kick is the unsung hero of Colt’s arsenal

Behold this city builder starring super-intelligent beavers

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Wario deserves an exclusive console

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20 years later, Wario Land 4’s sound room still haunts me

Insomniac’s Marvel games offer a focus that Marvel’s Avengers is missing

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WarioWare: Get It Together! is a better party game when chaos is involved

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WarioWare: Get it Together!'s best microgame is literally Super Mario World

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has radically reshaped the Fast & Furious franchise

No More Heroes 3 has the most genre-breaking boss battle ever

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The original Final Fantasy shouldn’t be modernized

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The Good Fight is the Star Trek of legal dramas

Big ideas, reckless abandon, and the perfect crew

Nobody is talking about this week’s biggest Destiny 2 announcement

Is Destiny a PvE or PvP game? Bungie can’t decide