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The Outer Worlds guide: Companions, and how to find them

Here’s how to find all six party members in The Outer Worlds

Companions in The Outer Worlds Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon
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Early on in The Outer Worlds, you’ll unlock your first companion. As you continue to adventure through the system, you’ll meet and recruit new adventurers.

Companions follow you around, aid in combat, and give special stat bonuses. They also add a lot of extra dialogue and create a less lonely experience through The Outer Worlds.

Here’s how to unlock all six companion characters and what each of them do.


Parvati is an engineer from Edgewater, and you can’t miss picking her up during the Stranger in a Strange Land quest.

When you speak with Reed in the Saltuna Cannery, Parvati will join the party. When you finish all the quests and reach the end of Terra-2, she’ll ask to stay as a permanent member.

When in your party, Parvati grants a bonus to your Engineering and Persuasion stats.

Vicar Max

The Outer Worlds guide Image: Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

Right after Parvati joins your party, she’ll suggest you speak to Vicar Max. Head over to the church in Edgewater — it’s clean and on the east side of town. Complete The Illustrated Manual quest that he gives you, and Vicar Max will offer to join your crew.

When in your party, Vicar Max grants a bonus to your Hacking and Intimidate stats.


When you land on Groundbreaker, keep to the left in the main hall. Stay on the left and walk into the red and white medical clinic. At the desk, you’ll see a woman named Ellie. Talk to her, and she’ll give you a quest called Worst Contract.

You need to sneak into the clinic and find a woman named Jessie. Talk to Jessie, and she’ll say she owes Udom some cash. Get out of the clinic and walk to the end of Groundbreaker’s big hall. This time, stick to the right until you find Udom’s golden office. Walk in and talk to him about Jessie.

You have two choices here:

  1. You can persuade Udom to offer Jessie to you as an indentured servant. This option is free, but comes with some moral problems — Jessie won’t exactly be happy about the outcome.
  2. You can pay Jessie’s debts for about 3,000 bits.

Whatever you choose, head back to Ellie in the clinic.

By helping Jessie, you’ve freed Ellie from her debt. But now Ellie feels like she owes you, so she’ll offer to join the crew.

When in your party, Ellie grants a bonus to your Engineering, Lie, and Medical skills.


When you first land on Groundbreaker, you’ll find Felix talking to a cop in the shipyard — they’re standing just to your right at the end of the first walkway. Walk up and join the conversation. Defend Felix to the cop, and go about your business on Groundbreaker.

Talk to Udom to release your ship from the impound during the Passage to Anywhere quest. When you return to the Unreliable, Felix is waiting outside, wanting to join your crew. Talk to and invite him in.

When in your party, Felix grants a bonus to your Sneak, Persuade, and Lockpicking skills.


The Outer Worlds guide Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

When you’re ready to leave Terra-2, walk up to the crew quarters on your ship — it’s the top floor. Next to Parvati’s room, just as you reach the top of the stairs, you’ll see a robot. This is SAM. Investigate it and speak to ADA.

You’ll need to complete The Cleaning Machine mission, and acquire SAM’s missing piece in the Roseway area of Terra-2. It’s in a storage building not too far from the landing zone. Follow the quest marker, kill the enemies inside the storage facility, and use a keycard from one of the bodies to open the door.

You can’t give any equipment to SAM. He just uses his standard acid spray. When in your party, SAM grants a bonus to your Intimidate and Hacking skills.


Nyoka is the final companion you get, and you won’t pick her up until you reach the planet Monarch. You’ll run into Nyoka during the Radio Free Monarch main campaign quest. She’ll give you the Passion Pills side quest when you first meet her. Complete it, and Nyoka will join your crew. Note that you need to complete Passion Pills and pick up Nyoka to continue the main quest, so you really can’t miss her.

When in your party, Nyoka grants a bonus to your Lie, Sneak, and Medical skills.

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