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The Outer Worlds guide: Canid’s Cradle side quest decision walkthrough

How to broker peace with the Iconoclasts and MSI on Monarch

The Outer Worlds Canid’s Cradle side quest on Monarch Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon
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To complete the “Canid’s Cradle” side quest on Monarch in The Outer Worlds, you’ll have to make a decision about siding with one group or another.

This guide will help you make your decision, and give you background on how to choose your path forward.

Radio Free Monarch

The “Canid’s Cradle” side quest starts when you complete all but the last step in the “Radio Free Monarch main quest. This is a huge quest with a lot of steps — and those steps actually influence how you can go about completing “Canid’s Cradle.”

For the best outcome, you want to be on good terms with both Sanjar Nandi of the MSI in Stellar Bay and Graham Bryant of the Iconoclasts in Amber Heights. Do side quests, tasks, and just generally help out everyone in those two towns. You don’t have to do their associated side quests to complete “Canid’s Cradle,” but doing so will keep your options open.

See Where the Ship Lands and Retrieve the Gunship’s Targeting Module

The Outer Worlds Canid’s Cradle ship crash location map
Location of the crashed ship.
Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

There’s not anything special about the first couple steps. When you power up the Devil’s Peaks radio tower, you’ll spot the ship as it crashes.

Head to the northwestern side of the map to approach the crash site. The closest fast travel target is in Cascadia. Head northeast along the road, shooting your way through any wildlife.

When you reach the ship, head around to the nose, and make your way up through the ship — there’s only one path to follow. At the back, you’ll find the Cantankerous Canid Targeting Module.

From here, it seems like you have only two choices: Give the module to Sanjar, or give the module to Graham. But there’s a peaceful third path. We’ll talk about each of them in turn.

Give the Module to Sanjar, Graham, or Zora

Both the MSI and the Iconoclasts want the canid targeting module for their own groups. It’s an invaluable tool either side could use to defend their people.

A quick aside: Depending on whether or not you’ve completed the “Pay for the Printer,” “The Commuter,” and “Sucker Bait” side quests for the Iconoclasts, you’ll either be dealing with Graham or Zora. The result(s) of those quests determine which of the two is in charge of the Iconoclasts.

Handing over the module to either group is an easy way to end the side quest:

  • Give the Module to Sanjar of the MSI to side with the corporate(ish) side.
  • Give the Module to Graham or Zora of the Iconoclasts to side with the rebellious group.

Either option is fine, but it basically seals the fate of the other group — much like the decision you made way back at the beginning of the game in Edgewater. Like Edgewater, though, there’s another way out of this.

Convince MSI and the Iconoclasts to negotiate

The secret option you have is to broker a peace between the two groups, using the module as leverage. (This will also The Outer Worlds’ Peace in Our Time Achievement or Trophy.) There are several steps involved, though:

  • Complete the “Sucker Bait” side quest, kill Graham (he won’t give you an option), and support Zora as the leader of the Iconoclasts.
  • Talk to Sanjar in Stellar Bay. Instead of giving him the module, ask “Could you agree to a truce with the Iconoclasts?” He’ll refuse to work with Graham, but tell him Zora’s in charge now.
  • Retrieve Zora’s review data from Rizzo’s in Cascadia, and take it to Sanjar.
  • Talk to Zora in Amber Heights and choose “I was thinking you and Sanjar could join forces.” You’ll need an Inspiration or Persuade of 55 for a couple dialogue options, or an Intelligence check for the third.
  • Oversee the Negotiation in the old OSI church outside of Stellar’s Bay. Mostly, your job is to keep them from killing each other.

(While you’re here in the OSI church, make sure to grab the A Nice Hat from the skeleton at the back of the room.)

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