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The Outer Worlds guide: Die, Robot side quest walkthrough

End the robot uprising

The Outer Wilds walkthrough Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon
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In The Outer Worlds, it’s clear Edgewater isn’t exactly well put together. But one of its citizens, Ludwig, is especially fanatical. He believes the robot uprising is upon us, and he wants you to join his Resistance to stop them.

Here’s how to complete the Die, Robot side quest in The Outer Worlds.

Picking up the quest

If you’ve already done the A Small Grave Favor quest from Silas, you likely already have Die, Robot quest from when you collected the gravesite fees from Ludwig. If not, go to the shipyard to the east of Edgewater and find Ludwig. He’s usually hanging out in the little guard shed.

Talk through Ludwig’s Resistance propaganda until he asks you to fight for him and take out a robot.

Deal with the Mechanical Scout

Now that Ludwig’s recruited you, walk back toward Edgewater and take the path to the right. This leads to the back of the city, where the town has amassed a dump. Go inside. You’ll find a harmless robot teetering around. He’s a damaged mechanical sentry — the robot you’re looking for.

You have two options here. You could murder the robot like Ludwig wants, or you can fix him.

Killing is easier, but fixing comes in handy down the line. If you kill the sentry, move on to the next step.

Navigation systems, huh? I could probaly fix you up.

If you want to fix the robot, you’ll need 38 Engineering. That is a high stat roll for this early in the game, but it’s manageable if you’re a tech-focused character. Make sure you have some armor with a tech boost (the cryo suit you get has a tech boost on it).

If you’re still low, consider progressing further in the Stranger in a Strange Land story and picking up your first companion, Parvati. She can assist in engineering check, and add to your overall score. If you fix the bot, return to Ludwig and tell him you’ve solved his robot problem.

Return to Ludwig

The Outer Worlds walkthrough Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

After you’ve taken care of the robot, return to Ludwig. He’ll congratulate you, and send you to pick up his secret weapon, which he’s stashed behind a toilet in the local cantina.

Find Ludwig’s secret weapon

The Outer Worlds walkthrough Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

Head back into Edgewater and walk into the cantina — it’s in the middle of town. Walk in and keep to your left. Go in the first stall on your right and look behind the toilet. You’ll see a small bundle. Grab it and return to Ludwig.

Return to Ludwig

The Outer Worlds walkthrough Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

Tell Ludwig you’ve got his package. He’ll give you a new weapon mod: Mag-2-Zap. With this, you can alter the damage type of any of your weapons to Shock damage. Shock damage is super effective against machines, so consider applying it to your favorite gun now.

Ludwig will also tell you it’s time for your final mission: an assault on the old Geothermal Plant to retrieve a Logic Module. But first, you need to go talk to Reed in the Saltuna Cannery tower.

Speak with Reed

The Outer World walkthrough Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

You need to talk to Reed for the Stranger in a Strange Land quest anyway, so head behind the cantina and look for the office door. It’s under the Spacer’s Choice sign.

Go in and walk into the elevator. Meet Reed up at the top, and he’ll give you access to the Geothermal Plant.

Retrieve a Logic Module

Head to the Geothermal Plan via the broken gate. Fight off the robots and walk in through the front door. Walk forward and down the stairs, into a long hallway.

On your right, you’ll see old employee lockers, but on your left you’ll find a security office. Walk into the security office and root around in the computer files — you’ll see that someone hid the Logic Module in the room behind you.

Turn around and try to open to the door. If your lock-picking ability is high enough, enjoy the quick entry and move on. If not, you’ll need to find a key.

Finding the key

Turn back around and move into the Geothermal Plant. Walk down the stairs, fight a robot, and turn into the room on your right.

There’s a security office to the right of the room, and you may see a familiar robot plugged into the wall. Wouldn’t you know, it’s the scout bot from earlier — assuming you repaired him. It’ll offer to help you clear the area of robots, and we suggest you say yes — better its bullets than yours.

Go up the stairs in the security office and across the walkway. There are some robots in here, so clean them out and look around. Behind the room’s central computer, you’ll find a bodhy slumped against the wall. It’s the security chief’s corpse. Loot the body, and grab the key card.

Now you need to return to the locked door and use the Geothermal security chief card to open the door. The Logic Module is on a shelf, alongside a bunch of other loot. Grab it all and head back to Ludwig.

Step 7: Return to Ludwig

The Outer Worlds walkthrough Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

Give Ludwig the Logic Module back in town, and he’ll reward you with money and a ton of experience.

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