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The Outer Worlds guide: The Illustrated Manual companion quest walkthrough

Find the missing book for Vicar Max

The Outer Worlds walkthrough Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

After you talk to Reed and pick up Parvati as a companion in The Outer Worlds, you’ll get an optional objective to meet Vicar Max. Max is the local spiritual man, and Parvati suggests you could use his advice. But Max isn’t exactly the man he seems, and he has a rather interesting quest for you to beat. If you find the item he wants, he’ll join you as a new companion.

Here’s how to complete The Illustrated Manual quest.

Picking up the quest

Outer Worlds walkthrough Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

After you’ve spoken with Reed for the Stranger in a Strange Land quest, head to the Vicar’s church. Parvati describes it as the cleanest place in town, saying you can’t miss it. Head to the east side of town (left from Reed’s door) and you’ll find the circular, pristine church — just as Parvati described. Walk in and talk to the man in the left office.

This is Vicar Max, and he wants you to pick up a rare book for him — one that he thinks his congregants shouldn’t read. Agree and go on your way.

Search the Collector’s Domicile

Walk out of the west Edgewater gate and follow the road. Instead of going straight to the Emerald Vale Community Center, turn right instead. You’ll come across a Marauder camp. Clear them out, and enter the large building on the right. This is the collector’s house.

Walk up stairs and into the bedroom. There’s a small, metal book on the edge of the table. Read it, and it’ll tell you the collector stashed the book before heading into Edgewater.

Retrieve the Journal

The Outer Worlds guide Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

Head back toward Edgewater and look for the river (it runs under the bridge near the graveyard). Follow the river north into a cave. There’s a small alcove about halfway through, with some supplies, a fire, and a safe.

Pick up the two mag locks near the safe and open it to find the Journal of M. Bakonu.

Return to the Vicar

The Outer Worlds guide Image: Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

Head back to Edgewater and give the journal to the Vicar. He’ll quickly discover the journal is in French, a language Max doesn’t speak or read. He’ll ask if he can join your crew and leave the town, in search of a translator. Take him up on his offer, and he’ll meet you back at the Unreliable after you’ve finished the main Edgewater story.

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