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The Outer Worlds guide: Passage to Anywhere walkthrough

How to get the Navkey, and the decisions you’ll have to make along the way

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Once you get the Unreliable off of Terra-2 in The Outer Worlds, Phineas will point you to a woman named Gladys on Groundbreaker. You’re there to pick up a Navkey for Stellar Bay.

The Passage to Anywhere main quest spins off into several other, nested side missions, and optional objectives. You’ll need to make a few decisions at the end. Below, we’ll talk through all of your options on your quest to get the Navkey, and what you’ll have to do to earn your 10,000 bits.

Speak to Gladys on the Groundbreaker

When you arrive on Groundbreaker, your ship will get impounded, but a quick conversation with Udom Bedford will get that lifted. Then, you’re free to talk to Gladys.

You almost certainly won’t have the money Gladys is asking for. To help you earn it, she’ll send you off on a side mission in a new region of Terra-2 and give you a recording of a distress signal. Your goal is to investigate the distress signal and come back with a valuable secret or three to hand over to Gladys in exchange for the Navkey.

The Distress Signal

The distress signal Gladys gives you will point you to the Roseway Landing Pad on Terra-2. It’ll also add another side quest, The Doom that Came to Roseway.

Search for Secrets in Roseway

The Outer Worlds Distress Signal Anton Crane
Start with Anton Crane in Roseway.
Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

The two people that you need to talk to in Roseway are Anton Crane in the Comms building, and Vaughn Cortes in the Roseway Luxury Apartments.

Anton will give you more details on The Doom That Came to Roseway, and add the By His Bootstraps side mission. Doing these will get you Anton’s research, the first of the secrets in Roseway.

Vaughn Cortes will add the Amateur Alchemist side mission. Vaughn’s research is the second secret.

While you’re here in Roseway, your near one other stop — the acid steeper you need to complete the The Cleaning Machine companion side quest. Doing that one will lead you to the weapon plans, the third secret.

Acquire Anton’s research

Anton’s research is in the Covert Lab. Inside, you’ll have a couple of optional objectives about dealing the the raptidons and the outlaws inside the Covert Lab. The quickest way to deal with them is to just shoot everything that moves inside.

You’ll discover that Anton’s research has been stolen by Cassandra O’Malley, the leader of the outlaws. You can side with her if you want, but the research she took is valuable. After siding with her, try to persuade of intimidate her into give it to you. Or just shoot her and take it.

You can take Anton’s research back to him, where he’ll pay you for it — and start a personal redemption arc — or you can keep it and sell it to Gladys.

Acquire Vaughn’s research

Vaughn’s research — research into manufacturing illegal drugs, mind you — is also in the Covert Lab along with Anton’s research. When you find his terminal, you have the option to recalibrate (with the science skill), complete, or purge his research. Purge will destroy it — making it useless to everyone. Complete or recalibrate will reward you with Vaughn’s research.

Give it back to Vaughn, turn him in to Anton, or sell the research to Gladys — all will earn you a reward in bits.

Acquire the Weapon Plans

The Outer Worlds Roseway Storage Facility Armory weapon schematics.
The FORCE Phlogisynchotron Pistol schematics in the Storage Facility.
Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

In the Storage Facility, you’ll find the acid steeper you need to power up your companion SAM. While you’re there, though, you’ll also find Orson’s Lab where you’ll pick up the FORCE Pistol Schematics for a Phlogisynchotron Pistol. Swipe the poster off the wall.

This is the only secret that doesn’t have anyone else claiming it. This one is for selling to Gladys.

Return to Gladys on the Groundbreaker

Once you’re done in Roseway, return to Gladys on Groundbreaker. Hand over any secrets you haven’t given back, and she’ll pay you for them. Between the three secrets and their associated side quests, you should have enough money to pay Gladys.

Buy your Navkey, and then head out.