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The Outer Worlds guide: How to get the ‘Well Dressed’ Achievement or Trophy

Fashion requires a lot of work

The Outer WorldsWell Dressed Achievement or Trophy only requires you to wear a certain hat and a certain outfit. It sounds simple enough, but that’s deceptive. In this guide, we’ll help you find both pieces of apparel and walk you through the side and companion quests you’ll need to pick up along the way.

What you need

Earning Well Dressed only requires two things: A Nice Hat and the Chimera outfit. You’ll find the hat on Monarch, and the outfit in Byzantium on Terra 2. This is a video game, though, so it’s not that simple. Let’s start with the hat.

A Nice Hat

A Nice Hat is in the old OSI church in the ruins to the southwest of Stellar Bay on Monarch. You can head inside at any point while you’re out wandering around the planet.

More efficiently, you’ll find yourself at this church at the end of the Canid’s Cradle side quest. You’ll have to follow the Peace in Our Time path — where you broker a peace between the MSI and Iconoclasts. We walk you through it all in our guide to the “Canid’s Cradle” side quest.

Look for the A Nice Hat on the skeleton near the back of the church.

Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel

The Chimera outfit isn’t nearly so easy to collect. It’s a reward for completing an elaborate task on Byzantium called “Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel.” To even pick up this task, you’ll have to progress quite a long way through the game — until you unlock Byzantium.

The Outer Worlds Well Dressed Jolicoeur’s Haberdashery
Jolicoeur’s Haberdashery is where you’ll buy Parvati’s clothes and pick up the task you need.
Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division via Polygon

If you’ve progressed Parvati’s companion quests up to now, you’ll have a quest called “Don’t Bite the Sun that involves collecting things she needs for her date. The last thing to do is Find Parvati Fancy Clothes. Conveniently, where you buy her clothes is where you pick up the “Makes Space Suites, Won’t Travel” task — a shop called Jolicoeur’s Haberdashery.

Model Outfits for Celeste

Talk to Celeste Jolicoeur in her shop, and buy Parvati’s fancy clothes. While you’re there, Celeste will ask you to become a model for her. She wants you to model a genuine spacer outfit, an Iconoclast outfit, and a Marauder outfit. You need a helmet and armor (or an outfit) for each of these groups.

There’s no single location to get the items you need. All you need to do is look for the words “spacer,” “Iconoclast,” and “Marauder” in the item descriptions. In the image above, the Low Pressure Helm is described as a “lightweight spacer’s helmet.” That’s the kind of phrase you’re looking for, and here’s where to look:

  • Go to Groundbreaker to find spacer outfits.
  • Go to Monarch to find Iconoclast and Marauder outfits. Check the vendors in Amber Heights for Iconoclast gear, and then murder your way through some Marauders for their clothes.

Return to Byzantium, equip both pieces of a set, and talk to Celeste. Repeat that for the other two outfits.

Collect Mantiqueen Chitin, 3 Raptidon Flank Hide, and 10 Primal Leather

For her barbarian-chic outfit, Celeste gives you a shopping list of parts from the most dangerous animals in Halcyon. Here’s where to look:

  • Mantiqueen Chitin comes from mantiqueens, obviously. Head to Monarch and hunt in the wilds in the southeast near Fallbrook.
  • For Raptidon Flank Hide, you’ll need raptidons. These are also on Monarch. Try in the northwest near the Sulphur Pits between Stellar Bay and Cascadia.
  • Your journal will point you to Emerald Vale for the Primal Leather, which is an option, but we had more luck (and spent less time) traveling to Scylla and heading east toward the Abandoned Mining Outpost.

Get the Lapel from HPS

When you return to Celeste, she’ll send you to retrieve a package for her. There’s nothing tricky about the next part. Just follow the (lengthy) series of pins on your map as you navigate the city and its bureaucracy.

Search Celeste’s Shop

When you finally return to Celeste’s shop, it’s a crime scene. Take Celeste’s Key from her, and unlock the office behind the cash register.

The Chimera prototype is on the desk inside. Equip both the Chimera and the A Nice Hat at the same time, and you’ll (finally) pick up your Achievement or Trophy.

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