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Outriders guide: Big Iron quest walkthrough

How to get a guaranteed Legendary weapon in Outriders

Running through a gate in the Big Iron quest in Outriders Image: Square Enix/People Can Fly via Polygon
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“Big Iron” is the only side quest in the Desolate Fort area of Outriders. For “Big Iron,” you’re tasked with finding three weapon parts for Channa in the Dwindling Oasis and Abandoned Village zones. And unlike previous Outriders side quests, the mission can be a little tricky to finish on your own — especially if your quest indicator bugs out like ours did. But “Big Iron” guarantees you a Legendary weapon drop, so you don’t want to miss it.

In this Outriders “Big Iron” walkthrough, we’ll show you how to find all three weapon parts in Outrider’s Desolate Fort area.

The Desolate Fort map

Part of what makes this quest a bit confusing is that the weapon parts appear in two different zones. When we first played this quest, our quest marker bugged out, and the game didn’t tell us where to go, leading to us wasting a lot of time looking for parts that weren’t there. If you experience a similar bug, try abandoning the quest and picking it back up again.

Big Iron quest map for Outriders
Follow the pink circles to find all three weapon parts. You’ll need to find them in numeric order to unlock the next area.
Image: Square Enix/People Can Fly via Polygon

There are two weapon parts in the Dwindling Oasis and one in the Abandoned Village.

First weapon part (Dwindling Oasis)

First weapon part in Outriders’ Big Iron quest
The first weapon part is in a cave next to some blue, glowing ooze
Image: Square Enix/People Can Fly via Polygon

You’ll need to fight a lot of monsters before you reach the first weapon part in “Big Iron.” Descend into the Dwindling Oasis via the rope tower in the Fort Headquarters, and make your way through the opening arena. Take your first left up the small hill and into the large cave.

When you exit the large cave, look forward, and you’ll find another cave with two openings. Pick one of the openings, and go inside. The first weapon part is glowing in the corner next to some blue ooze and bones.

Clear out the enemies in the area, and then pick it up.

The second weapon part (Dwindling Oasis)

Outriders second weapon part in the Big Iron quest
Look for the cave with the body and you’ll find the second weapon part
Image: Square Enix/People Can Fly via Polygon

Once you have the first weapon piece, keep following the path until you go through a small gap and enter a larger arena — the one with the big rock in the middle. You’ll have to fight a powerful Elite monster here, as well as those nasty flying bugs and rank-and-file creatures. Take them all out, and then head back to the big rock.

From the big rock, walk forward and keep looking in the caves to your right. You’ll come across one that has a dead body buried in the sand. The weapon part is right next to the body.

Pick up the second weapon part, and you’ll automatically open the gate to the Abandoned Village.

Third weapon part (Abandoned Village)

The third weapon part in Outriders’ Big Iron quest
Look for the weapon crates and you’ll find the final weapon part
Image: Square Enix/People Can Fly via Polygon

Leave the Dwindling Oasis and head into the Abandoned Village, which doesn’t exactly live up to its name. Take out the big wave of human enemies here. Once the area is clear, you’ll need to push farther into the village and look for a small, wooden gate. Open the gate, and you’ll face the final encounter.

Outriders small gate in the Abandoned Village
Go through this small gate and get ready to fight
Image: Square Enix/People Can Fly via Polygon

This area of the Abandoned Village houses a lot of enemies in a small arena. Take your time and pick them all off.

Once the village is clear, walk up to the back of the arena and up on the short, stone stairs. You’ll see some boxes stacked in the corner. The final weapon part is in one of the boxes.

Once you have all three weapon parts, return to Channa in camp and she’ll give you your new Outriders Legendary weapon.

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