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Outriders guide: How to respec your subclass

Reset your class point for free whenever you want

Outriders guide: How to respec your subclass Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix
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Classes in Outriders map pretty well to how you want to play, with malleable templates available for short-range tanking (Devastator), short-range hitting-and-running (Trickster), mid-range casting (Pyromancer), and long-range support (Technomancer). Each class also has subclasses to specialize your role even further as you unlock class tree nodes with class points. Even better, you can reset your class points at any time. That way, you can respec your Outrider into a new subclass — or a combination of subclasses — as often as you like.

In this Outriders guide, we’ll explain how class points work, how to unlock subclasses and buffs, and how to reset your class points to respec your character.

Outrider class points and subclasses

As you shoot baddies and complete story missions in Outriders, you’ll earn XP and periodically level up — specifically, you’ll level up in your class. Starting at level 5, most levels will also earn you a class point.

In the Class tab of your menu, these class points unlock class tree nodes. These nodes grant you a boost to your stats like increased armor or a little extra anomaly damage.

Outriders guide: How to respec your subclass
The Class menu with class tree nodes and subclass branches.
Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix

Class tree nodes are divided into three rows of 25(ish) each (with a little overlap). These rows represent each class’s subclasses. In the image above, you can see the Devastator’s subclasses — Vanquisher, Warden, and Seismic Shifter — listed on the right.

In Outriders, think of subclasses as another word for play style. Regardless of class, the three subclasses correspond to a focus on weapon damage, survival, or anomaly power. Think of these as offensive style, defensive style, and caster style, respectively.

The maximum number of class points you can earn is 20 (you’ll get the 20th when you reach the level cap at 30), which means you’ll never have all the class tree nodes unlocked. You won’t even complete an entire subclass’s branch. That means you have to be a little picky about what you choose. Luckily, you aren’t locked in to any choice you make here.

Reset your class points and respec

While you’re locked in to the class choice you make at the beginning of the game, you’re not locked into subclass or the way you’ve spent your class points.

From the Class menu, there’s a prompt to reset tree. This returns all of your class points and lets you reassign them however you want. You can do this any time and as often as you’d like.

This means you’re free to experiment with the way you play each class. If you want to deal more damage, focus on the offensive subclass (like Devastator’s Vanquisher). If you want more armor, go for the defensive subclass like Devastator’s Warden. If you find yourself using anomaly skills a lot, put those points into anomaly damage like Devastator’s Seismic Shifter.

You’re free to move these around as you see fit, so experiment. Match the boosts you get to the way you play, and always remember you can reset it at any time.

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