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Outriders guide: Farming titanium

Get the titanium you need to upgrade your gear

Molten Acari boss in Outriders Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix via Polygon
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Titanium is one of the most important resources in Outriders. You’ll need it to level up your weapons, which is a crucial part of the game’s crafting system. There are some easy ways to get titanium, but it mostly takes a lot of time.

In this Outriders guide, we’ll go over how to maximize your titanium gains.

Farming Elite enemies

Molten Acari boss in Outriders
When the boss stops giving Titanium, move on to something else
Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix via Polygon

Elite enemies are your biggest source of titanium in the campaign and toward the end of the game. These are your Captains, your Alphas, and any other enemies that cast spells. When you defeat them, they’ll drop some titanium on the ground. Hit the auto-loot button on your controller or keyboard to suck up any resources left behind.

Bosses also drop titanium and actually give tons of resources. If you need some titanium in a pinch, you can go to the game lobby and hit “select story point.” Choose Eagle Peaks and select the “Investigate the Volcano’s Peak” checkpoint. Put yourself on World Tier 01. Move forward and kill the Molten Acari boss — it should only take a few hits. The boss will drop a lot of titanium for you — around 100 per run. But note that the boss will eventually stop dropping titanium altogether. The boss started dropping a small amount of titanium a few hours later after we tried this farm, so it likely refreshes based on time.

While farming Elite enemies in encounters is a fast way to get a small amount of titanium, it’s not the most efficient.

Dismantling Epic gear

A big source of titanium for you will likely be Epic gear — the purple items. Whenever you dismantle an Epic you’ll get some titanium out of it. You should always dismantle an Epic instead of selling it, even if you already have the mods. Dismantling Epic gear will net you a ton of titanium over your time with Outriders.

To get more Epics to drop, play on a higher World Tier or Challenge Tier.

Buying titanium from Baily

Bailey in Outriders
You can buy resources (and gear) from Bailey’s shop
Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix via Polygon

Part of the way through the Outriders campaign, Bailey will join your camp. She’s not very nice to you at first, but at least she’ll sell you titanium. By the time you reach the endgame, she’ll sell you five titanium for 1,625 Scrap. If you’ve been dismantling everything instead of selling, you may be low on Scrap. Consider selling your Rare weapons and armor and dismantling your Epics. You’ll be able to make some cash this way, which you can then turn into even more titanium.

You can find Bailey at any Outriders camp, including the final one.

Running Expeditions

After you reach the endgame and the need for titanium really increases, you should spend most of your time running Outriders Expeditions. When you finish an Expedition and open the Drop Pod, you’ll get a big chunk of titanium in addition to all the gear. And the higher the Challenge Tier, the more likely it is that you’ll get a large group of Epics to turn into more titanium.

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