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Outriders guide: Drop Pod Resources

How to farm for Drop Pod Resources and what they’re good for

Drop Pod in Outriders Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix via Polygon
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Drop Pod Resources are an endgame only resource in Outriders. After you finish the campaign and make it to the final camp, you’ll learn all about Expeditions and your hunt for Drop Pods. When you complete Expeditions, you’ll earn Drop Pod Resources, which you can use to buy items from Tiago or upgrade your gear.

In this Outriders guide, we’ll explain Drop Pod Resources in detail, including how to farm and use them.

Farming Drop Pod Resources

Outriders Expeditions tooltip Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix via Polygon

Drop Pod Resources only come from Expeditions. When you successfully complete an Expedition and open the Drop Pod at the end, you’ll get a number of Drop Pod Resources based on how fast you finished the mission. On lower Challenge Tiers, you might get 20-60 Drop Pod Resources per run. The higher Challenge Tiers can drop thousands — even tens of thousands — of resources at a time.

If you need Drop Pod Resources, the fastest way to get them is to set your Expedition to the highest Challenge Tier that you can easily get a Gold rank in. This ensures you’re getting the most resources per run without risk of failure.

Using Drop Pod Resources

Tiago in Outriders
Tiago sells a bunch of Legendary loot for Drop Pod Resources
Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix via Polygon

There are three uses for Drop Pod Resources.

Paid Expeditions

The first use case for Drop Pod Resources is to access paid Expeditions. This includes the Eye of the Storm Expedition — the final mission in Outriders — which costs 40,000 Drop Pod Resources to run. Just be mindful of how many resources you have before buying into an Expedition, as the paid Expeditions don’t offer more rewards than non-paid ones.


The best use for your Drop Pod Resources is with Tiago, who sells loot in the final Outriders camp. You can find him sitting by the fire. Tiago only accepts Drop Pod Resources as payment for powerful gear. You can get Epic items in Tiago’s shop relatively cheaply, but you can also spend tons of Drop Pod Resources with Tiago to buy Legendaries.

Tiago sells different Legendaries based on your class. There are a few Legendary weapons and one Legendary piece from some of you class’ armor sets. With enough Drop Pod Resources, you can buy these items to either wear or dismantle for their mods. The only catch is that Tiago’s costs double each time you raise your Challenge Tier — along with the level of the item you’re buying. If you’re close to the amount of Drop Pod Resources you need to buy a piece of gear, consider farming lower Expeditions so you don’t raise your Challenge Tier.


The other main use for Drop Pod Resources that we’ve seen comes from Dr. Zahedi and crafting. To level items up into the high 40s, you’ll need Titanium and Drop Pod Resources. This can get expensive as you push your gear closer to level 50. The good news is that, as long as you’re farming Expeditions, you’ll always be earning more Drop Pod Resources.

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