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All the new Overwatch 2 heroes and what they do

Everything you need to know about Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko

Junker Queen flies forward while twirling her axe in Overwatch 2 Image: Blizzard Entertainment
Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Overwatch 2 brings back the same beloved roster of 32 heroes from the original game. However, it also adds three new heroes you can take into matches: Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko.

Before you dive into your first matches with these heroes, we’re going to walk you through all of their abilities and how they can benefit your team.

Sojourn - Damage

Sojourn, a cyborg women with a big gun, slides on the ground in Overwatch 2 Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Sojourn is a very simple and straightforward damage character and is reminiscent of Soldier: 76. Her Railgun requires a bit more precision and planning than 76’s, but otherwise she’s the perfect character to jump into and learn with if you’re coming to Overwatch 2 from a more traditional shooter.

Weapon - Railgun

Sojourn’s Railgun is a rapid-fire assault rifle. However, as it deals damage, it charges up energy, which increases the damage of the weapon’s alt-fire: a precision railgun blast.

Ability 1 - Power Slide

Sojourn slides quickly on the ground, and can jump out of the slide with a high jump.

Ability 2 - Disruptor Shot

Sojourn shoots an orb that snares any targets it hits and deals some light damage.

Role bonus - Damage

Sojourn sees a boost to increased movement and reload speed with kills.

Ultimate - Overclock

Sojourn’s Railgun energy recharges on its own, and the shots pierce enemies for a short period of time.

Junker Queen - Tank

The Junker Queen — a giant, ripped woman with a shotgun and a knife — roars at the camera in Overwatch 2 Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Junker Queen is an aggressive tank. Instead of a shield, she’s able to lead her team into battle with bonus health and movement speed. To stay alive, you have to play aggressively and get in the faces of your enemies. This aggressive play style can make Junker Queen feel a little squishy, but when played correctly, she deals incredible damage and is very hard to kill.

Weapon - Scattergun

Junker Queen uses a pump-action shotgun with limited range but high damage.

Ability 1 - Jagged Blade

Junker Queen throws her knife at a target, and can recall the knife back to her with the push of a button. If the knife is implanted in an enemy when Junker Queen recalls her blade, the enemy will be pulled toward her. Jagged Blade’s damage will also cause enemies to bleed (dealing damage over time), as will Junker Queen’s quick melee attacks.

Ability 2 - Commanding Shout

Junker Queen shouts, giving herself and any nearby allies a temporary boost to health and a speed boost.

Ability 3 - Carnage

Junker Queen pulls out her ax and slashes any targets in front of her, dealing damage over time.

Passive - Adrenaline Rush

Junker Queen heals when enemies take damage from her damage-over-time effects.

Role bonus - Tank

Junker Queen is knocked back less often and is granted less Ultimate charge for healing and receiving damage.

Ultimate - Rampage

Junker Queen charges forward with her ax, slashing enemies as she goes. Enemies hit by Rampage are prevented from healing for a short time and are “wounded” by Junker Queen, taking damage over time.

Kiriko - Support

Kiriko, a thin woman with a fox hat, tosses a kunai knife toward the camera in Overwatch 2 Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Kiriko is all about cleansing and buffing your allies. Her healing doesn’t seem as strong as other support characters, but that’s not necessarily her strength. Her ability to briefly immune and clear debuffs from allies makes her invaluable for surviving powerful team-wiping ultimate abilities. Even better, her ultimate can turn a team fight in an instant, making any character’s primary attack fire extremely quickly.

Weapons - Healing Ofuda and Kunai

The primary fire for Kiriko sends out her Healing Ofuda, which track targets and heals them. These recharge over time but don’t need to be reloaded. Kiriko’s alt-fire is a precise Kunai knife, which deals damage and must be reloaded when empty.

Ability 1 - Swift Step

Kiriko can teleport to any ally within range, including those behind walls.

Ability 2 - Protection Suzu

Kiriko throws a charm that cleanses allies of negative effects and briefly makes them invincible.

Passive - Wall Climb

Kiriko can climb most walls by jumping on them.

Role bonus - Support

Kiriko gradually regains health over time.

Ultimate - Kitsune Rush

Kiriko summons a fox spirit that lays down a path in front of it. This path dramatically increases the movement speed, attack speed, and cooldown speed of any allies.

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