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About Opinions

About Opinion Pieces on Polygon

Each opinion piece that runs on Polygon reflects the thoughts and feelings of its author, and no one else. These pieces are a way to try to make sense out of a game, a piece of news or an ongoing trend in the world of video games and the culture around them.

These pieces are a way for informed writers to shine a light on aspects of our shared hobby that are worth celebrating, as well as a way to discuss parts of our industry that may need be adjusted, fixed or thrown away altogether.

These pieces aren’t meant to act as a preview for an eventual review, nor do they operate as a refutation of a past review of a game. The thoughts expressed in an opinion piece exist outside of the news cycle, and don’t reflect the thoughts or feelings of Polygon as a whole, nor the individual writers or editors who create the content on this site.

Opinion pieces present one side of debates or issues that are often two sided, and will seek to begin a dialog with our readers and the industry at large. These pieces may be written by Polygon staff, freelance writers or industry professionals.