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How to get sulfur in Palworld

Mine sulfur to make gunpowder and ammo

A Palworld character stands in front of a yellow-ish sulfur rock Image: Pocketpair via Polygon

In Palworld, you’ll need to farm sulfur in order to make gunpowder (which you’ll need to make ammo). The resource isn’t as plentiful as rock or ore, so it can be tough to find.

Just like ore, you can plunk down and farm sulfur as part of a base, but we don’t recommend going for a sulfur farming base. It’s a bit of a waste of one of your base slots, since you don’t need sulfur as much as you’ll need other materials, like coal.

Below, we explain where to find sulfur in Palworld.

Where to find sulfur in Palworld

There are lots of sulfur deposits in the desert biome and a few in the bamboo grove to the west of it:

A map showing where to find sulfur in Palworld Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Pocketpair

There’s other rock and ore in this area, too, but you’ll want to keep your eye out for the dirty yellow-ish rock as shown in the image at the top of this post. You can find individual deposits at:

  • -121, -122
  • -153, -58
  • -157, -112
  • -173, -116

You can mine sulfur with any pickaxe and Pals of any mining level can help you farm it. Having at least a metal pickaxe (15 stone, 20 wood, 5 ingots) will make the job easier.

As usual, you can use Pals like Cattiva or Broncherry to increase your carry capacity so you can grab a lot of it at once. The desert doesn’t have any teleport points in the actual desert, which is a pain. You should try to head out and bring as much back as possible, so you won’t have to go back and forth too much.

There are also tons of sulfur deposits on the westernmost part of the map, around the volcano, Mount Obsidian, but since that is a mid-game area with tons of dangerous enemy Pals, we recommend sticking to the desert and bamboo grove.

When you do reach that point, you’ll find plenty of sulfur around. There are even seven sulfur deposits between the Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance fast travel point and the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre tower around -588, -518.

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