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How to find eggs and build an egg incubator in Palworld

And what to know about egg sizes and types

A Palworld player in front of a pink and white striped egg Image: Pocketpair via Polygon
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Soon after loading into Palworld, you’ll run into eggs. These eggs are found all over the place and come in different sizes and elements. As expected, there are Pals to be hatched inside these eggs, but you’ll need an egg incubator first.

Below, we explain how to find eggs, make an incubator, and just generally explain how eggs work.

Where to find eggs in Palworld

You can find eggs in set spawn points all over the map. After you pick up an egg, another egg will eventually respawn in that place. You can use an interactive map tool to point you to the hundreds of eggs around the map.

The eggs that respawn at the point are random, so you may find a damp egg in a spot one day, only to find a verdant egg there the next day.

Note that eggs come in three sizes — normal, large, and huge — and they do weigh more if they’re bigger.

You can also breed your Pals once you hit level 19 and unlock the breeding farm. After successfully pairing up two Pals of the opposite sex and giving them cake, they’ll produce an egg.

How to unlock the egg incubator and hatch eggs in Palworld

To hatch eggs, you’ll need an egg incubator. You’ll need to be at least level seven and you’ll need an Ancient Technology Point (obtained from beating bosses, like Zoe and Grizzbolt or the large Chillet on the map) to unlock the recipe for an egg incubator.

Once you have the recipe unlocked, you can build the egg incubator using 10 Paldium fragments, five cloth, 30 stone, and two ancient civilization parts. You can get the parts from beating bosses (same as the points).

A Palworld player stand in front of two eggs hatching Image: Pocketpair via Polygon

Once you have your incubator placed, you can put in any eggs you’ve found, but there are a couple things to note:

  • Once you start incubating the egg, if you take it out, the incubation timer will reset.
  • Eggs will hatch faster if they’re comfortable with the temperature. Scorching eggs will want the temp to be hotter, while frozen eggs will want it to be colder. You can build campfires or other temperature-changing items to accommodate the eggs.
  • How long an egg takes to hatch will be dependent on your server settings, the egg size, and the aforementioned comfort level. At default normal mode settings, no eggs should take longer than two hours to hatch at max, but this can be changed in your settings.
  • All eggs you hatch will yield a level one Pal.

What you get from eggs in Palworld

Each element in Palworld has an egg that matches it and it’ll hatch a Pal that correlates to the type. For example, after hatching a damp egg, you may get a Celaray or a Fuack.

The various types of eggs correspond with the following elements:

  • Scorching egg: Fire
  • Verdant egg: Grass
  • Rocky egg: Ground
  • Electric egg: Electric
  • Damp egg: Water
  • Frozen egg: Ice
  • Dragon egg: Dragon
  • Dark egg: Dark
  • Common egg: Neutral

The bigger the egg is, the “rarer” the Pal inside will be. I put quotes around rare because it’s not literally a rare Pal with a low spawn rate, but rather a more late-game Pal. For example, hatching a huge verdant egg may yield a Mammorest, who is usually only found on the map in the mid level 30s, though you can find Mammorest pretty commonly roaming around.

That said, hatching big eggs is a really good way to get some later-game Pals early on.

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