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How to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld

Defeat bosses to farm Ancient Technology Points

Defeating a boss for the first time in Palworld rewards you with an ancient technology point. Image: Pocketpair via Johnny Yu
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You’ll need Ancient Technology Points to learn how to make essential equipment in Palworld, such as the egg incubator and feed bag. Getting Ancient Technology Points is easier said than done, because you’ll need to track down difficult bosses and successfully defeat them.

Continue on to learn how to get Ancient Technology Points in Palworld, plus a rundown of what you can unlock with them.

What are Ancient Technology Points in Palworld?

Ancient technology points are a resource that you can use to unlock recipes for gear, weapons, and buildings. They function similarly to skill points, but the method to gaining them is slightly different. Instead of getting an ancient technology point by leveling up, you must hunt down bosses around the map.

How to get ancient technology points in Palworld

There are two ways to get ancient technology points — defeating tower bosses or Alpha Pal bosses.

Tower bosses

A map marking the locations of all the towers in Palworld Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Pocketpair

There are a total of five tower bosses scattered around Palworld. During the tutorial, you’re tasked with facing off against one of the tower bosses, Zoe and Grizzbolt. These fights can be extremely difficult as these tower bosses have an absurd amount of health compared to Pals and even Alpha Pals around the map.

After you’ve defeated the tower boss for the first time, you’ll receive five Ancient Technology Points. It’s important to note that you’ll only receive ancient technology points after the first time you defeat them.

Alpha Pal bosses

There are a total of 42 Alpha Pal bosses littered around Palworld. These fights can take place in the open world or inside of its own instance similar to a dungeon. Alpha Pal bosses can be a little tricky to spot, but they will appear on your map as a circle portrait.

A map of Palworld showing locations of Alpha Pal bosses. Image: Pocketpair via Johnny Yu

The difficulty of Alpha Pal bosses ramps up as you level. For example, one of the first Alpha Pal bosses you’ll encounter, a level 11 Chillet, is a pretty straight forward boss fight. However, the level 50 Alpha Pal bosses, such as Jetragon and Frostallion, will have you following the five D’s of dodgeball: dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge.

After you’ve defeated an Alpha Boss for the first time, you’ll receive one Ancient Technology Point. Similar to tower bosses, you’ll only receive an Ancient Technology Point after the first time you defeat them. If you forget if you’ve already defeated one, check the map to see if there is a check mark over their portrait. The check mark will indicate that you successfully beat them and received the ancient technology point.

Palworld Ancient Technology Points unlock list

Here’s what you can unlock with Ancient Technology Points at various levels in Palworld.

  • Level 7: Egg Incubator
  • Level 10: Small Feed Bag
  • Level 12: Grappling Gun
  • Level 14: Pal Essence Condenser
  • Level 17: Mega Grappling Gun
  • Level 20: Average Feed Bag
  • Level 22: Hip Lantern
  • Level 26: Large Feed Bag
  • Level 29: Single-shot Sphere Launcher
  • Level 32: Giga Grappling Gun
  • Level 35: Huge Feed Bag
  • Level 38: Scatter Sphere Launcher
  • Level 40: Lily’s Spear
  • Level 42: Decal Gun Set
  • Level 45: Giant Feed Bag
  • Level 47: Hyper Grappling Gun
  • Level 50: Homing Sphere Launcher

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