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How to beat Lily and Lyleen in Palworld

Head to the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance to defeat Lily and Lyleen

A Palworld splash screen that says “Lily & Lyleen” with the characters themselves together on the side Image: Pocketpair via Polygon
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As you play Palworld, you’ll run into towers that have bosses in them. The second tower boss we recommend taking down is Lily and Lyleen, a duo found in an icy area north of the beginning plateau.

As you might expect, these tower bosses are the closest things Palworld has to Pokémon gyms, though they are very different. Inside, there’s a timed boss battle against a Pal and its trainer.

For beating the duo, you’ll get an achievement and five Ancient Technology Points, which will allow you to learn crafting recipes from the very useful purple column. You’ll also gain access to the top of the tower, which serves as a nice high place to glide from.

Below, we explain how to beat Lily and Lyleen in Palworld. Keep in mind that we did all of this solo on normal, so it might differ depending on if you’re running it in multiplayer or on a different difficulty setting.

How to prepare for Tower of the Free Pal Alliance in Palworld

Being completely honest, we were so busy building, leveling up, and exploring, that we forgot about the towers until we were level 30. By this time, we went inside and punted Lily and Lyleen to outer space instantly, so it seemed like we were vastly overleveled. Whoops!

All that said, based on the levels of the Pals around the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance, you can probably clear Lily and Lyleen at around level 25, as long as you have type advantages and a strategy.

Lily and Lyleen have approximately 69,000 HP and Lyleen is grass-type, so bring fire-type moves to take it down very easily.

You should also have the highest armor you can build (metal armor), as well as the best weapons you can have (a musket or handgun).

Best Pals for Lily and Lyleen

We recommend using Pals with fire-type moves against Lily and Lyleen for the most damage. However, you should know that Lyleen knows water-type moves, so it’s best to not use fire-type Pals and use Pals that know fire-type moves instead. Her water-type moves are dodgeable, so if you’re quick with withdrawing your Pals, you can avoid most of that damage, so you don’t have to worry too much, as long as you’re paying attention.

By this time, you should have had access to Pals like Incineram (via base raids) and you can still use Foxparks or Rooby, if you have those leveled up. As usual, using active skills (like Foxsparks’ flamethrower) will help give you burst damage.

By this time, most of our damage was coming from our musket, and our Pals just helped us distribute boss aggro so we could focus on aiming sweet headshots.

Lily and Lyleen location in Palworld

The Tower of the Free Pal Alliance is north of the initial starting area and north of the first tower. It’s in a small snowy area, so make sure you have cold resistant gear to get to it.

A Palworld stands in front of a tower in the snow with a map showing where it is. Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Pocketpair

How to beat Lily and Lyleen in Palworld

If you’re prepared by following the above suggestions and you’re still struggling, we have quite a few tips on how to survive:

  • If Lyleen is firing water bubble(s) at your Pal, withdraw it. Don’t let your Pals get hit with damage they can easily avoid. Send the Pal back out once the water bubble(s) disappear.
  • When Lyleen fires the singular water bubble at you, hide behind a pillar. Her shot of multiple bubbles can go through and around pillars, but the huge bubble attack cannot.

The tips below are the same tips we recommend against every boss — including Zoe and Grizzbolt — but here they are if you need them:

  • Keep dodge-rolling away from Lyleen’s attacks.
  • Rotate your Pals out when they get low HP. You do not want them to get knocked out in battle. When they’re back in their balls, they’ll recover HP slowly.
  • Keep firing your weapons to help with damage. Headshots from the front deal extra damage.
  • Reorient your Pals frequently by recalling them and sending them back out. Sometimes Lyleen or your Pals may get stuck behind pillars, so they’ll be shooting projectile attacks that get blocked. This is a humongous waste of time, so don’t be shy about recalling your Pal and reorienting them so they have clear shots of Lyleen.

Following all that, you should be able to take down Lily and Lyleen without too many issues. If you’re still struggling, you may want to go out and catch more Pals to level up a bit more to make the fight easier.

Can you catch Lily and Lyleen?

Yes, as of this writing, technically you can catch any tower boss by using a bug exploit. If you attack an innocent NPC, become wanted, and enter the tower, the police will follow you in. After the police fire at the tower boss, you will, for some reason, be able to catch the duo in a Pal sphere. This doesn’t seem like it’s intended, so it’s likely this will get patched out in the future.

For more Palworld guides, we’ve got you covered. If you’re just starting out, we’ve got a beginner’s guide, a list of all Pals, and a type chart. We also have explainers on breeding, eggs, and a rundown of how multiplayer works.

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