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How to move a base in Palworld

Plus, learn how many bases you can have at once

A Palworld hero stands in front of a Palbox while trying to move a base in Palworld. Image: Pocketpair via Polygon

Moving your base in Palworld isn’t something you might think about initially, though the way Palworld handles resource-gathering and tiers means you’ll probably decide to up sticks and head out for more practical pastures — particularly as you unlock advanced technology.

Like almost everything in Pocketpair’s open-world game, Palworld tells you nothing about how to move your base. The process is something you can do at any time, though it is a little tedious. Here’s how to move your base in Palworld.

How many bases can you have in Palworld?

Palworld lets you have three active bases, though not initially. You can only have one base until you reach base level 10, after which you can build a second one. Once you hit base level 15, you can get to work on your third base.

How to move your base in Palworld

A Palworld hero stands near a palbox and moves a base in Palworld. Image: Pocketpair via Polygon

Palworld doesn’t give you the option to pick up your base and move it, not even the Palbox, so you have to go about it the long way. You’ll need to dismantle the Palbox, which sounds more ominous than it actually is.

Dismantling a Palbox will automatically dismantle all of your base facilities. That includes things such as egg incubators, Pal beds, ranches, and anything else you can’t build without a Palbox present. You’ll automatically get each facility’s material cost back, though you’ll have to build it again the next time you establish a base.

Also, dismantling a Palbox will automatically send any working Pals to your box, even though you just dismantled that box. None of them are hurt, and none of them vanish.

A Palworld hero stands near a box while trying to move a base in Palworld. Image: Pocketpair via Polygon

Workbenches, homes, and anything else you can build outside a base will remain intact, though you can dismantle them through the build menu.

The next step is finding a new base location, which can be literally anywhere on the map that’s big enough to place a Palbox. Build your box, rebuild any other facilities you want, and you’re good to go. For suggestions on where to start, consult our guide to the best base locations in Palworld.

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