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Palworld passive skills list

A list of all the passive skills in Palworld

Three Palworld Lamballs work on a conveyor belt while an electric Pal powers it. Image: Pocketpair
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As you find Pals in Palworld, you’ll notice that they may have passive skills, which buff or debuff them, depending on the skill. Palworld experts will want to make the best use of these skills, so knowing what to look for is important.

Below, we explain how passive skills work in Palworld and list all passive skills we know of.

How do passive skills work in Palworld?

Each Pal you catch will have random passive skills that can reduce incoming damage, boost stats, or do the exact opposite. Ideally, you want to use Pals who have positive passive skills and avoid ones with negative skills.

Pals that you breed will potentially pass down their skills as well, so you can combine Pals will powerful skills to create a super baby Pal.

The only exception to the above is that lucky Pals (those giant, sparkling ones you may see around) will always have the “lucky” passive skill, and caught legendary Pals will always have the “legend” passive skill.

All passive skills in Palworld

Below we list all of the passive skills we know of, with help from the Palworld Wiki.

Palworld passive skills list

Tier Name Effect
Tier Name Effect
3 Artisan Work speed +50%
3 Burly Body Defense +20%
3 Diet Lover Decrease in hunger is less likely by 15%
3 Divine Dragon 20% increase in dragon skill
3 Ferocious Attack +20%
3 Legend Attack +20%, defense +20%, movement speed +15%
3 Logging Foreman 25% increase to player logging efficiency
3 Lord of Lightning 20% increase to lightning attack damage
3 Lucky Work speed +15%, attack +15%
3 Mine Foreman 25% increase to player mining efficiency
3 Motivational Leader 25% increase to player speed
3 Rare Work speed +15%, attack +15%
3 Stronghold Strategist 10% increase to player defense
3 Swift 30% increase to movement speed
3 Vanguard 10% increase to player attack
3 Workaholic Sanity drops 15% slower
2 Musclehead Attack +30%, work speed -50%
2 Runner 20% increase to movement speed
2 Serious Work speed +20%
1 Abnormal 10% decreased to incoming neutral damage
1 Aggressive Attack +10%, ddefense -10%
1 Blood of the Dragon 10% increase to dragon attack damage
1 Botanical Barrier 10% decrease to incoming grass damage
1 Brave Attack +10%
1 Capacitor 10% increase to lightning attack damage
1 Cheery 10% decrease to incoming dark damage
1 Coldblooded 10% increase to ice attack damage
1 Conceited Work Speed +10%, defense -10%
1 Dainty Eater 10% decrease to satiety depletion
1 Dragonkiller 10% decrease to incoming dragon damage
1 Earthquake Resistant 10% decrease to incoming ground damage
1 Fragrant Foliage 10% increase to grass attack damage
1 Hard Skin Defense +10%
1 Heated Body 10% decrease to incoming ice damage
1 Hooligan Attack +15%, work speed -10%
1 Hydromaniac 10% increase to water attack damage
1 Insulated Body 10% decrease to incoming lightning damage
1 Masochist Defense +15%, attack -15%
1 Nimble 10% increase to movement speed
1 Positive Thinker Sanity drops 10% slower
1 Power of Gaia 10% increase to earth attack damage
1 Pyromaniac 10% increase to fire attack damage
1 Sadist Attack +15%, defense -15%
1 Suntan Lover 10% decrease to incoming fire damage
1 Veil of Darkness 10% increase to dark attack damage
1 Waterproof 10% decrease to incoming water damage
1 Work Slave Work Speed +30%, Attack -30%
1 Zen Mind 10% increase to neutral attack damage
-1 Clumsy Work speed -10%
-1 Coward Attack -10%
-1 Downtrodden Defense -10%
-1 Glutton Satiety drops 10% faster
-1 Unstable Sanity drops 10% faster
-2 Bottomless Stomach Satiety drops 15% faster
-2 Destructive Saniety drops 15% faster
-3 Brittle Defense -20%
-3 Pacifist Attack -20%
-3 Slacker Work speed -30%

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