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Palworld Technology tree Pal equip unlock list

A complete list of all the different Pal equips you can unlock through the Technology tab

Mossanda from Palworld naps Image: Pocketpair
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In Palworld, you’ll need to unlock new recipes for furniture, crafting benches, Pal equipment, weapons, armor — practically everything — via the Technology tab in the menu. This serves as a skill tree, in a way.

There’s a bunch of stuff that will appear as question marks in your Technology tab until you catch a specific Pal. Based on our experience, you have to catch or hatch the Pal — you can’t have a friend give you one — to get these to appear. Some of the Pals required for specific technology have to be bred, like Frostallion Noct.

Palworld Pal equip Technology unlock list

The Technology tree in Palworld, showing many different equips and Pal equips to make. Image: Pocketpair via Polygon

Starting at level six, you’ll be able to unlock a new Pal equip every level. Most levels have one or two unlocks, but level 24 has three, for some reason.

Below, we list out all the Pal equips that unlock per level, so you can make those pesky question marks go away. (Note that the game uses some funky naming conventions for some of the items, like calling Suzaku Aqua’s Saddle “Water Suzaku’s Saddle” so we included the actual Pal names in these cases, for easy finding.)

Palworld Pal equip Technology list

Level Unlock 1 Unlock 2 Unlock 3
Level Unlock 1 Unlock 2 Unlock 3
6 Rushoar Saddle Foxspark's Harness -
7 Melpaca Saddle Celaray's Gloves -
8 Jolthog's Gloves Daedream's Necklace -
9 Direhowl's Saddled Harness Killamari's Gloves -
10 Surfent Saddle - -
11 Lifmunk's Submachine Gun Jolthog Cryst's Gloves -
12 Tanzee's Assault Rifle Eikthyrdeer Saddle -
13 Grintale Saddle Chillet Saddle -
14 Sweepa Saddle Univolt Saddle -
15 Nitewing Saddle - -
16 Arsox Saddle - -
17 Pengullet's Rocket Launcher Flopie's Necklace -
18 Tocotoco's Gloves - -
19 Dinossom Saddle Digtoise's Headband -
20 Broncherry Saddle Hangyu's Gloves -
21 Vanwyrm Saddle Elphidran Saddle -
22 Kingpaca Saddle Dazzi's Necklace -
23 Maraith Saddle Galeclaw's Gloves -
24 Aquadon Terra Saddle Mossanda's Grenade Launcher Azurobe Saddle
25 Mossanda Lux's Grenade Launcher Eikthyrdeer Terra Saddle -
26 Fenglope Saddle Rayhound Saddle -
27 Water Broncherry Saddle (Broncherry Aqua) - -
28 Water Elphidran Saddle (Elphidran Aqua) Mammorest Saddle -
29 Dinossom Lux Saddle Reindrix Saddle -
30 Kitsun Saddle Pyrin Saddle -
31 Reptyro Saddle Hangyu Cryst's Glove -
32 Blazehowl Saddle - -
33 Helzephyr Saddle Dark Pyrin (Pyrin Noct) Saddle -
34 Beakon Saddle - -
35 Dark Kingferno (Blazehowl Noct) Saddle - -
36 Quivern Saddle - -
37 Ragnahawk Saddle Ice Reptyro (Reptyro Cryst) Saddle -
38 Blazamut Saddle Faleris Saddle -
39 Jormuntide Saddle - -
40 Suzaku Saddle Grizzbolt's Minigun -
41 Vanwyrm Cryst Saddle - -
42 Ice Kingpaca Saddle - -
43 Water Suzaku (Suzaku Aqua) Saddle Jormuntide Ignis Saddle -
44 Relaxaurus's Missle Launcher Wumpo Saddle -
45 Wumpo Botan Saddle Mammorest Cryst Saddle -
46 Relaxaurus Lux's Missle Launcher - -
47 Astegon Saddle Shadowbeak Saddle -
48 Frostallion Saddle Frostallion Noct Saddle -
49 Paladius Saddle Necromus Saddle -
50 Jetragon's Missle Launcher - -

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