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How to get all legendary schematics in Palworld

Where to find the strongest weapons and armor

An image of the schematic from Palworld laid over a semi-transparent white block, which is on top of the Palworld map. Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Pocketpair
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If you and your Pals are struggling to take down the tower bosses and Alpha Pals in Palworld, it might be time to upgrade your gear with legendary schematics. Legendary schematics can help you get that extra oomph that you need by increasing your damage output or defense.

Read on for a full legendary schematics list in Palworld, plus details on where to find and how to get all legendary schematics.

How to get legendary schematics in Palworld

Legendary schematics can be found in chests or as rare drops from specific Alpha Pal bosses. There is a low chance that you’ll find a legendary schematic when you open a chest around the map or at the end of a dungeon. As for Alpha Pal bosses, legendary schematics can be received after you catch, defeat, or butcher them.

The playable character from Palworld standing in front of a sleeping beetle Pal on one side of the graphic and then the same character hitting the same Pal with a meat cleaver on the other side of the graphic. Graphic: Johnny Yu | Source images: Pocketpair via Johnny Yu

Currently, the most efficient way to find legendary schematics in Palworld is to catch the Alpha Pal and then butcher them with the meat cleaver to essentially double your chances. If you really want to increase your odds, we suggest that you change the following world settings:

  • Day Time Speed - 5
  • Night Time Speed - 5
  • Pal Capture Rate - 2
  • Pal Appearance Rate - 3

With these settings, Alpha Pals will spawn quicker, be easier to catch, and spawn in multiples of three. If three bosses are too tough to deal with, drop the Pal appearance rate down to a multiplier that you’re comfortable with.

As a small note, legendary equipment require a lot more resources than your normal quality gear. In some cases, you may need to gather almost 10 times the materials to create your legendary gear.

All legendary schematic locations list and map in Palworld

Not every piece of equipment has a legendary schematic with a fixed location, but there are currently 17 fixed legendary schematic locations. Check out the map below to learn where you can find the legendary schematics in Palworld, and peep the table beyond that to see a list of all legendary schematics.

17 markers on the Palworld map depicting where all of the legendary schematics are located. Graphic: Johnny Yu | Source images: Pocketpair

Of the 17 legendary schematics, just six are weapons (including powerful ones like the rocket launcher). We’ve ordered the legendary schematics list below corresponding to the numbers on the map above.

All Palworld legendary schematic locations list

Number Legendary Schematic Alpha Pal Location
Number Legendary Schematic Alpha Pal Location
1 Old bow Kingpaca Open world (50, -460)
2 Cloth outfit Chillet Open world (173, -418)
3 Feathered hair band Penking Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings (114, -352)
4 Pelt armor Azurobe Open world (-53, -388)
5 Crossbow Bushi Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster (-116, -491)
6 Metal armor Elizabee Devout's Mineshaft (32, -183)
7 Metal helm Warsect Sealed Realm of the Stalwart (161, -224)
8 Handgun Beakon Open world (-345, -253)
9 Refined metal helm Menasting Dessicated Mineshaft (494, 82)
10 Heat resistant refined metal armor Astegon Destroyed Mineshaft (-578, -418)
11 Cold resistant refined metal armor Lyleen Noct Iceberg Mineshaft (-142, 322)
12 Pump-action shotgun Suzaku Open world (404,255)
13 Assault rifle Blazamut Scorching Mineshaft (-434, -532)
14 Pal metal helmet Frostallion Open world (-357, 509)
15 Heat resistant Pal metal armor Necromus Open world (447, 679)
16 Rocket launcher Jetragon Open world (-789, -322)
17 Cold resistant Pal metal armor Paladius Open world (447, 679)

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