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Paramount Plus

For the latest Paramount Plus news and best-of recommendations, plus news on the major franchises like Star Trek and Spongebob.

Whoops, Q broke reality in the Star Trek: Picard season 2 trailer

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How Star Trek: Prodigy creators pulled off the ‘Trekkiest Trek that ever Trekked’

The new episode ‘Kobayashi’ is a Starfleet fantasy draft

Rumble gives an underdog sports story a monster-packed makeover

The Halo TV series’ first full trailer shows Master Chief in action

Here’s the first tiny peek at the Halo show in action

Tick, Tick... Boom!, King Richard, and every new movie you can stream at home this weekend

Watch the 7 movies that inspired Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop

Shang-Chi, Red Notice, and every new movie you can stream at home this weekend

The Harder They Fall and every new movie you can stream this weekend that isn’t a giant Marvel movie

T-Mobile offers customers a free year of Paramount Plus

Star Trek’s animated series Prodigy takes the franchise in a new direction

10 great shows from this year to finally catch up with

The best horror movies you can stream right now

15 horror movies just scary enough for everyone to watch

A Paranormal Activity reboot drops on Paramount Plus next month

Star Trek: Picard season 2 trailer: Q, the Borg Queen, and a totalitarian nightmare

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds teaser reveals returning characters from The Original Series

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The Good Fight is the Star Trek of legal dramas

Big ideas, reckless abandon, and the perfect crew

Watch this Evil sneak peek if you like silent episodes and demon cabinets

South Park creators get $900M to make 6 more seasons, 14 movies

M. Night Shyamalan reveals the movies and TV show that inspired Old

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Captain Janeway is back in the first trailer for Star Trek: Prodigy

The lost movies of 2020

A Quiet Place Part 2 is now streaming on Paramount Plus

Evil is the one TV show that makes Paramount Plus worth the price

The new iCarly is weirdly good and goodly weird

Infinite proves Mark Wahlberg needs to get the hell out of sci-fi

Paramount Plus is getting a cheaper subscription option

Tom Holland’s Cherry leads a big week for new releases

Raya and Spongebob lead a big week for new releases

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On the Run recycles one of the series’ best episodes

The gems we found in Paramount Plus’ launch titles