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Dear God, someone has made Harambe vs. Capcom

With a 21-fighter roster. It is glorious.

Harambe, the primate corpse that Weird Twitter just will not leave alone, now has a video game: Harambe vs. Capcom. This is not just a silly video, it's a real game, for PC.

In Harambe vs. Capcom, the gorilla has psychic powers and is forced underground when he is warned that some "shadow agency" wants him dead. Harambe fakes his own death, abetted by his psychic powers that convince the media he was killed at the zoo. Then he goes looking for Ryu, who will fly him to safety in his native land but apparently must be defeated first.

This game must be downloaded and is playable only on PC. It's a 352 MB file and is available here.

The roster appears to be 21 characters long, with three mystery characters. Evil Ken, Urien (who, incidentally, comes to Street Fighter 5 this month) Hugo and Shin Vega also guest star.

The announcement trailer is above and it is outstanding. The title song is by Lex Lingo & Klopfenpop. Richie Branson is the "lead asshole who forced this [game] on the world, according to the readme file. Solar Slim curated its soundtrack.

Branson and Slim, along with the artist Plush Giant, are Otaku Gang, a self-described underground culture collective whose works include composing and performing music and developing satire video games. They were behind — among many other works — the Fallout 4 mod that put David Ortiz in the game (before Major League Baseball shut it down over licensing issues.)

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