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Razer’s new Overwatch-inspired D.Va headset looks perfect

Other D.Va-branded peripheral items are also available

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Razer has a new line of PC accessories inspired by Overwatchs beloved hero, D.Va, but it’s the vibrant, multi-colored headphones that deserve a special shoutout.

The wired headset, called the Razer MEKA headset, combines black, yellow, pink and green colors, which can also be found on D.Va’s own headset in the game. In Overwatch, D.Va is a 19-year-old former professional StarCraft player. The headset is a big part of her identity and costume.

Razer doesn’t have a release date for the MEKA headset, or any more information about the specs, making it impossible to gauge performance quality during gameplay sessions. All we know is that they look like the real deal.

Razer D.Va
D.Va headphones

As part of Razer’s collaboration with Blizzard on the line, other peripheral items, including a Razer Abyssus Elite mouse and D.Va Razer Goliathus, are available to purchase now. The D.Va Abyssus Elite mouse, which boasts a 200 DPI optical sensor, 220 IPS / 30 G acceleration, ambidextrous form factor and three hyperesponse buttons, will run you $59.99. The D.Va Razer Goliathus mousepad will cost $19.99.

Polygon has reached out to Razer for more information about the D.Va MEKA headset and will update if more information becomes available. BlizzCon, Blizzard’s annual convention dedicated to its slate of games, including Overwatch, kicks off at 2 p.m. ET today.

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