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Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 maker builds a ride that takes 12 years — real time

Are we having fun yet?

Marcel Vos once built a roller coaster in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 that took 232 days to complete. In real time. Now he’s made one that takes 18 times as long.

That’s right. If nothing else, Vos has built a virtual machine that takes 12 years to complete one lap. Note that this the calculated time; Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 itself is 17 years old; this coaster, the game and its PC would have had to be running since Nancy Pelosi was first named Speaker of the House to actually accomplish one lap.

In the 10-minute video above (as spied by PCGamer and PCGamesN) that seems like a finger-snap given what’s at stake, Vos explains how he built the ride — whose in-game time equals 30,004,200 million days, or 82,147 years. That’s eight times older than Far Cry Primal. More or less, Vos took his old record-setting ride, which uses nearly every inch of the maximum park space, and appended an even worse contraption to it. Then he connected them using the design feature that synchronizes two stations’ departure times.

This is an animated .gif. Really. Can’t you see the car moving? There, it just moved. Look again.
Screenshot/Marcel Vos on YouTube

That means that Vos traps 31 cars in a separate tiny loop, and all of them must wait for one car to complete the gargantuan 232-day track before advancing just a teeny tiny increment. That smaller ride is over after 20 laps (the RCT2 maximum). That equals 600 laps on the bigger structure. One lap on that thing, I might add, is 204 in-game years and 27 days. So it’s not like folks on the bigger ride are having a party either.

There’s a link to a save file in the YouTube video’s description (appropriately, titled “12 Years of Suffering”) if you want to see this monstrosity for yourself. It takes the crime of sim torture to an appalling new low. “For now, I cannot come up with a way to beat this record, but who knows what is possible,” Vos said.

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