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Modder’s vision of Legend of Zelda in Doom needs help to complete

Interesting concept, but far from a game

Exkodius via

Three years ago, a modder got started trying to recreate an FPS version of The Legend of Zelda, using Doom’s engine, and has now turned over the project to the masses in hope of seeing it completed. Hey, if someone can bring Desert Bus into Doom, why not, right?

The modder, Exkodius, put everything up on earlier this week (as seen by Kotaku and rounded up by today). The files represent the project’s progress up to April 2016. “Is this a game? Not at all!” writes Exkodius. Fair warning then, but anyone can download the files and rummage around.

The mod is currently more of a “testing ground with different graphics, sound and scripts,” really only useful to those who want to carry the work forward. “And people who just want to try the concept,” Exkodius added. Some screens here make it rather easy to understand:

Exkodius via
Exkodius via

The mod is working off the GZDoom source port. “I had a blast working on this,” Exkodius said. “And who knows? Maybe one fine day I’ll come back and poke at it some more.” The files are available at

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