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Just like Game of Thrones, there’s a Starbucks cup mod for Skyrim

Forgetful production assistant not included

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Well, I suppose this was inevitable. Right as it appeared the Starbucks-Cup-in-Game-of-Thrones was dying out as a thing, some wit has reanimated it as a mod for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

“Skyland Coffee” is now available through Nexus Mods for those with Skyrim Special Edition. It replaces tankards in the game with the aforementioned Starbucks cup, and I can’t tell if that logo is a mastodon or the Drowned God. Given the nautical motifs of Starbucks, I’d say the latter. It’s a perfect adornment for a table in Dragonsreach, if your headcanon includes Jarl Balgruuf cussing out a production assistant for the oversight.

“Yes, this is a joke mod. Use it if you want or don’t. But don’t be trolling my comments about how this isn’t lore friendly or stupid,” warns creator johnrose81. “I will call you out.” Oh snap!

For those without Skyrim Special Edition, there’s also “Mysterious Coffee Cup” by Sphered , which is also tagged as “NOT LORE-FRIENDLY”. This one adds a 100 percent post-consumer waste insulation sleeve, covering up what has to be Belethor’s misspelled name (“Greg” or something). The screenshots are angled in such a way as it’s impossible to tell.

Evidently (according to Eurogamer) this all got started as a request in the Skyrim Mods subreddit.

Game of Thrones wraps up an eight-season run on Sunday with a series finale that is guaranteed to please every viewer.

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