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Epic Games Store’s free games next week: Figment and Torment X Punisher

Not like you’re going out with friends for the rest of the month ...

Figment, by Bedtime Digital Games.
Image: Bedtime Digital Games
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Next week’s free games from the Epic Games Store are Figment and Tormentor X Punisher, which are available March 26 to April 2.

Figment is a 2017 indie game in which players explore a stylish, isometrically presented dream world. Developers Bedtime Digital Games of Denmark described it as a visit to the subconsciousness of a person who has gone through a traumatic incident, which a player’s journey is supposed to reveal.

Tormentor X Punisher, which also launched in 2017, is an outlandish, top-down perspective arena shooter. Demonic adversaries adjust to players’ tendencies, and hellishly difficult bosses spawn traps to make the showdown levels even more challenging. Both games follow Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable, which are available today until March 26.

To build up a user base, the Epic Games Store has been giving out games to anyone who downloads and installs their client since the service launched at the end of 2018. These freebies will continue until at least the end of 2020, Epic said back in January.

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