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Hearthstone rocks out with next expansion Festival of Legends

Have a Switch or a Steam Deck? Get Samsung’s 512 GB microSD card for just $39.99

One of Warhammer’s most elusive races is finally coming to Total War

A Last of Us prequel game about Ellie’s mom was once in talks

The Microsoft Activision circus needs to be over and done with

Kerbal Space Program 2 patch will attempt to fix its bizarre physics bugs

STALKER 2 team says it was hacked by pro-Russian group, is being blackmailed

The best Steam Deck accessories

Is Patch Quest a roguelike, Metroidvania, bullet hell, or Pokémon-like? Yes

How to get the hang glider in Sons of the Forest

Where to find a rogue bike in Fortnite

When will Attack on Titan skin Eren Yeager be released in Fortnite

How to knock back players with the Kinetic Blade in Fortnite

Destiny 2 Xur location, inventory for March 10-14

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 battle pass skins list, including Thunder, Imani, and Mizuki

Resident Evil 4 remake playable demo available now

Where to find the Hidden Village keys in Wo Long

The Last of Us Part 1’s PC requirements might leave some gamers feeling Left Behind

How to respec and change your appearance in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

How to get binoculars in Sons of the Forest

New RoboCop game isn’t just about violence — you can also hand out parking tickets

How to beat Aoye, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s even more infuriating bull-headed boss

Lord of the Rings: Gollum trailer shows the torment before the trilogy

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League delayed again, still planned for 2023

Call of Duty is getting a Ninja Turtles crossover

John Madden has never been playable in a Madden NFL game, until now

Epic Games Store launches self-publishing, requires cross-play for multiplayer games

Fortnite’s new season, MEGA, adds Attack on Titan and the coolest lizardmen

Watch Nacon Connect today for updates on RoboCop, Gollum, and more

The horror game Do You See Sparky? blends Phasmophobia with one creepy-looking doll

When does Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 launch?

How to finish ‘The Variable’ and get Vexcalibur in Destiny 2

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