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News and reviews of new Peacock movies, shows, and specials

Will Smith reboots Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with a grittier tone

Watch the 7 movies that inspired Netflix’s live-action Cowboy Bebop

10 great shows from this year to finally catch up with

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Halloween Kills has a serious ‘kills’ problem

Halloween Kills became nonstop mayhem when a two-movie plan expanded to a trilogy

A new How to Train Your Dragon series will take place 1,300 years after the movies

The most pumpkin spice movies

The Lost Symbol revives Robert Langdon in all his Da Vinci Code page-turning glory

Halloween Kills will go to streaming and theaters on the same day 

The 14 best movies new to streaming to watch in September

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The 23 TV premieres to catch this fall

Peacock reveals the Vampire Academy series cast

Here’s your first look at the Frogger game show coming to Peacock

What to watch after The Suicide Squad

The 13 best movies new to streaming to watch in August

How to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

9 great spy movies you can stream after Black Widow

Universal movies will stream on Peacock four months after they open in theaters

Peacock’s Da Vinci Code prequel series gets first action-packed trailer

Rutherford Falls is the show Parks and Recreation never found the time to be

Bad Trip, the Fury Road of prank movies, and everything else we watched this weekend

Every episode of The Office is streaming for free this week

Konami is turning Frogger into a game show

WWE streaming content to live exclusively on Peacock starting in March

Where to watch The Office now that it’s off Netflix

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The 35 best scary movies to stream this Halloween

Race-reversed fantasy stories have a white empathy problem

MacGruber is getting a TV show and the plot sounds wild

The Harry Potter movies are coming to Peacock a month after leaving HBO Max

Psych 2: Lassie Come Home brings the best of the comedic crime procedural

Peacock’s Brave New World is a surprisingly funny Hunger Games / Black Mirror mashup

Peacock’s animated adventure Cleopatra in Space takes the past into the future