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Persona 5 guide: All of May and Madarame’s Museum Palace

Mementos, Madarame’s Museum Palace, Ichiryusai Azazel Madarame


After completing the Kamoshida Palace and stealing his heart, you will have a little bit of downtime. Even though we just got finished with a massive task, it is important not to squander any time in Persona 5. So use this day to hang out with Sojiro or Ryuji (who will be very antsy about what will happen with Kamoshida).

This will also be your first opportunity to do laundry post-dungeon, which will allow you to clean any dirty gear that you found. Once your time is spent, go to bed and prepare for the fallout tomorrow.


Today is the big day! For the past two weeks we have had a countdown to the board meeting, and yet, once the moment comes? Cancelled. The students will all gather in the gymnasium for a school wide meeting. Eventually, Kamoshida will wander in and confess all of his crimes to the entire school. It’s a great moment, so be sure to pay attention.

After that satisfying scene, the gang will return to the roof for a brief meeting. You will now get a few days off school to (mostly) do what you want.


Today is a total bust. Instead of going out and selling the treasure from the dungeon, you will be stuck in the cafe helping Sojiro. Is only seems fair after all he has given you, even if he is a little rough around the edges. You have no free time today.


Today, you are gonna have to blow Sojiro off and head into town. Your team has tasked you with selling the medal from the palace, and Morgana mentions a place that may be willing to buy. What is the shadiest store you have encountered in the game? The gun shop. Return to Untouchable in downtown Shibuya and sell the owner the medal. He will also give you a sketchy bag to hold onto.


To celebrate the palace success, the gang will go to a fancy buffet together. Eventually, you and Morgana will get up to grab some food and listen to some gossip. Morgana will request specific foods. Look for fish at the blue table, rice at the yellow table, meat at the red table and dessert at the purple table. Once you return to your seat, you will get to name the organization!

Later this evening you will visit Igor in your dreams. He will congratulate you on your success in Kamoshida’s Palace and talk a lot more about rehabilitation. He will also mention the coming ruin, but will remain vague for the time being. After the conversation, Igor will grant you more Persona slots, allowing you to capture and hold more masks.


Today, you return to class. After lecture, Mishima will come over and talk with you a little bit. Now you will receive a new mission, to live an honest life as a student. For now, you can chill with friends, although Ann requires some additional kindness before you can ask her to hang out (if you are unsure of how to get your kindness up, we can help you with that).

The other option today is to return to Untouchable and ask about the bag. Head back to downtown Shibuya and have another talk with the gun shop guy.


Finally, a big day! Today starts like many others, with class and a question. If you want an extra knowledge point, answer “a femme fatal” when called on. After school, hang out with your friends. Morgana will bring you all into the station square and teach you about a new mini-dungeon called Mementos.

Mementos, 5/7

The four of you will head into the Metaverse, Morgana will turn into a cat-bus and make a very overt My Neighbor Totoro reference, then you will gain control of the game. Mementos is not as specifically laid out as palaces, so you are on your own for navigation. That being said, you are looking for a giant hell-portal with twisted train tracks around it. There are also several enemies to fight (should you wish) and treasure to be found. Gates can be opened by hitting X when next to them and if you come to a closed off area with stairs leading down, turn back for the time being.

Once you make it to the portal, you will face your target, Shadow Nakanohara. This mini-boss will hit hard if given the opportunity. He is, however, weak to lightning. So zap him, and he should go down in no time.

Once you have taken care of the stalker boyfriend, head out into the open area again. Before leaving Mementos, you want to find those stairs we mentioned earlier. They should look just like a subway platform. When you find it, roll up in the cat-bus and get out. Talk to the gang and head downstairs. After a short chat, the group will head out of Mementos.


Today you want to go out and meet Mishima in the diner. He will talk to you a little bit about the fan site and requests. After your meal, head home and spend the night improving your relationship with Sojiro. Now go to bed and prepare yourself to buckle down for exams.


After class, Mishima will tell you about a new target that he heard about on the fan site. Keep that in mind but don’t worry about it for the time being. You have some studying to do. Head to the library and sit in the corner to study. Studying in the school library may not yield the most knowledge (although there is a chance that you can buckled down and concentrate), but it will also gain you guts. After studying, head home.

Tonight, Ann will ask you to study with her. Accept her offer and meet up at the diner. You will help her with math and she will help you with English. You will also gain some knowledge.


One more day to cram before exams! In class, you will be asked a question, which you should answer “Minamoto no Yoshitsune.” After class, head back to the library to study once again.

In the evening, you will get a text from Ryuji, who is freaking out about exams tomorrow. Agree to meet him in the diner and help him study. The two of you will get some time in together and your knowledge should increase. Now go to sleep.


Exams are a multi-day process, and you will have to answer a couple of questions each day. You will also have no free time. Just test, sleep, test, sleep. So without further ado …

The answer to the first question with the lines is to say that they are “optical illusions.” When the next question asks about “seeing things,” you should respond with “visual information,” followed by “brain processes it,” and then “different cognition.” Wipe the sweat off your brow and go home.


Day two of exams. The answer to the first question is “Magistrates Patronage.” For the next question about talents, the answer is “a sum of money.” That is all for today.


Today is the last day where you will have to answer any questions. For the first one, you want to say that evil is born from “ignorance.” After that, you want to say that it would take no more than four colors to pain all of Japan. Finally, you are finished with tests.


On the way to school today, you will be greeted with a cutscene introducing Yusuke, the artist. Exams will be automatically taken today, so no worries there. Now it’s time to head home and get some well deserved rest. Tomorrow, we start casing the next target.


Today, you, Ann, and Ryuji are all headed to the art exhibit, filled with art by the famous artist Madarame. Ann will go off to talk with Yusuke, while you and Ryuji listen in on an interview with the headline artist himself. After a crowd of people push you guys out, Ann will meet you outside. The gang makes a plan, and you can go home and prepare for the day tomorrow. Head to sleep.


Today starts with class, and you will be asked a question about art. Answer “Van Gogh” for some extra knowledge. After class, the phantom thieves will jump on a train and head into the city. Once you get off, head into station square as usual and then over to downtown Shibuya (central).

After a short cutscene, the group will arrive at Madarame’s house. A short talk with the artist and his pupil will take place. Once that is finished, you will open up the nav app to see if there is a palace nearby. Ryuji will start shouting words at it to try and activate a portal to the Metaverse. When you get the chance to answer, say “a museum.” Now into a new palace!

Madarame’s Museum Palace, 5/16

Look how beautiful and modern this place is! What was just a dull shack in the real world has become a fabulous museum with people lined up for miles. Time to find a way in. Move forward toward the truck that is parked next to the wall. Climb it and then the wall. Once on top, jump down on the other side.

Time to explore (don’t forget about the Third Eye technique)! You won’t be able to move forward much because of the heavy security, so turn right instead. At the end of this walkway, jump onto the sculpture. From here, jump to each subsequent sculpture until you are on an elevated wall. Head across this wall section and then jump up the building. Once on the roof, go through the window.

Now that we are inside, examine a painting in the entrance room. From here, move to the next room and examine a painting there. Keep going forward until you come to a door shaped like a frame. Walk through that door and observe the painting in front of you. Why if it isn’t Nakanohara, the guy from Mementos. Strange.

Continue down this new hall to find a painting of Yusuke, which you should also examine. Now move down the stairs and into the main entryway. There are two chests here, one is free to open the other is locked. Use a lock pick if you have one and then grab a pamphlet at the information desk. Now you have a map for the next time you come in this palace! Head around the curved hall and examine the golden sculpture.

Here ends your time in the palace for today. You will be transported home just in time to head to sleep. Before you lay down to rest, Ryuji will call you to vent about Madarame. Talk about your feelings and get ready to start another day.


Today will start out with the gang having a talk in the school courtyard. After school head over to Madarame’s studio to question Yusuke some more, which he will of course be anything but thrilled about.

After this, the Phantom Thieves’ hideout will be moved to the Shibuya Teikyo Building Accessway. After a short conversation with a new character, the mysterious journalist, you can head back home and answer a quick call from your pal Mishima before going to bed.


After what seemed like quite the setback yesterday, a new oppurtunity has presented itself. Nakanohara, the stalker boyfriend whose heart you changed in mementos, will tell you all about Madarame’s sins. Here, you will get your next deadline, you have 18 days (including today) to steal Madarame’s heart.

Back to the hideout you go, where Morgana will explain barriers. These real world obstacles will force you to go out of a palace and deal with them. You will come across a barrier in Madarame’s Palace, so do not dillydally. Give yourself plenty of time to steal the artist’s heart.

You could venture in today, but instead, jump into Mementos and take care of your request there: The Bark and Bite of a Bully.

Mementos: The Bark and Bite of a Bully

This request will force you deeper into Mementos than before, past the barrier you unlocked last time. You can travel straight to area two, or start at the beginning (granting you an opportunity to grind XP and find treasure).

Once you reach the floor that houses the request, Morgana will let you know. Venture forth until you find the distorted train tracks, just like the first time in Mementos. Enter in and face Shadow Takanashi. To beat this guy, take it slow. He can hit your entire team fairly hard, so just be sure to use Morgana and Ann to heal the party. If you have abilities to boost your damage, or lower his, do so, and he will go down easy.

After the fight, continue exploring down, farther into Mementos. Eventually, you will come across a safe room, just like you do in palaces. From here, you can choose to head home or continue on. Once you are done in Mementos, go to sleep.

The next 17 days

Just like the first deadline period, you are afforded a lot of free time in the next several days. There are a variety of things that you can do to prepare yourself for the coming palace. 17 seems like a lot, but be sure to make the most of it. Moreover, give yourself at least six to eight days for the museum, as you will have to spend a full day outside of the palace taking down the barrier.

There are plenty of things to keep you occupied and prepare you for Madarame’s Palace:

  • Go to the Velvet Room by Untouchable. Accept and attempt to complete Justine and Caroline’s quest for a specific Persona (you may be able to fuse your own then and there). This will grant you a new confidant, Strength. While you are here, toy around a little and try to create more powerful Personas for the palace.
  • Go buy more powerful weapons for your teammates at Untouchable. You should have plenty of cash on hand.
  • Go to work. If you have a day job, consider applying for a night one as well. The Beef Bowl shop pays very well and increases your proficiency while you work.
  • Hang out with your confidants. Sojiro and Takemi are great for outside oriented bonuses. Mishima will grant you additional battle XP as well as a boost to Moon Persona fusions if you increase your relationship (he hangs out on Central Street). Ryuji and Ann will afford you extra in battle benefits. Ann however has a prerequisite, your kindness must be level 2. So ...
  • Work on your stats! One easy way to increase knowledge specifically is to answer school questions over these days with: “Together/Senses,” “Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar,” “William Kidd.
  • Work on more requests. After completing the last Mementos on 5/18, you can start investigating the bully leader. Mishima will tell you to look around school. Head to the school gate and listen to a conversation between two boys. Now that you have the name, enter into Mementos to take out Shadow Sakoda. He is past the safe area and is harder than the other Mementos bosses. He uses ice, so be sure to use a Persona that is null to that element. Having abilities like Ice Wall, which can prevent Ann (who is weak to ice) from getting knocked down, is also very helpful. Debuff, heal, attack, and you will eventually take him down.
  • On 5/28, Ryuji will ask to take a break and go see a movie the next day. Accept his offer that night to receive some massive gains in your relationship.

Once you feel prepared, dive into Madarame’s Palace.

Madarame’s Palace part 1

Once inside the Metaverse, jump up the truck and over the wall. Continue your way onto the roof and through the window, just like last time. Once you land, head toward the door. The gang will stop and discover that there are now lasers in certain areas. Hold X to jump over or slide under them, but only if at least one of the three circuits is green (one or two beams instead of three). You can use Third Eye to clearly see if there are two or three beams.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

You will now be in the room with all of the paintings. Carefully clear out the guards in here. Be sure to mind the lasers that have been turned on since last time. Once the enemies are gone, go through the door and into the student’s portrait room. Move into the entrance area again and fight the guards. Head into the golden statue room and up the stairs. From here on out, new territory.

Once you are in the 1st Exhibition Room, follow the hall right. You will come to a big purple door. This will be your first safe room in here, so go inside and discover the 1st Exhibition Room Safe Room.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

After talking with your friends, head into the large maze room. There are plenty of enemies in here, so take them out quietly. Once they are gone, check each nook and cranny in order to discover the two treasure chests hidden in this room. Once out, head left to unlock a shortcut. Return to the intersection and turn right. Go up the stairs and into the 2nd Exhibition Room.

Here you will find yourself in a hallway connected to a large square room. Walk inside and up to the giant golden vase. Morgana will lose all self control and jump up onto the display platform, triggering a trap. You will now be on your own.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

At this point in time, you can’t do anything to help your friends, so turn around and look for a large box. Climb up the box and then up the wall.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Jump down onto the enemy below but be careful. The enemy is easy to defeat but you are completely on your own. This means that you do not have access to Hold Up or All In. Use your most damaging abilities and take the enemy out. Once it falls, head to the back wall and find the glowing red panel. Walk up to it and hit the button.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

When the red light goes out, the wall behind you will lower, allowing Ann to escape. Go meet up with her and then climb up the crates next to the button. Continue along the wall, pass over the bridge and toward the other side. Jump down, but beware of the button on the back wall. Hitting this button will cause an enemy to appear.

Instead, look for a blurry painting in a silver frame on the right side of the room. Examine it and then take it off the wall. Suprise! Here is the button that you are looking for. Hit it to rescue Ryuji.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Talk to Ryuji and then run to the back wall, where the enemy spawning button is. Find the crates around here and climb up them to reach the ventilation shaft. Crawl through here and into the security room.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Walk up to the computer and attempt to lower the lasers. Turns out you need a password. Exit through the security room’s front door to find two bumbling guards having a conversation. Eavesdrop on them and you will learn that the password is 07734, which is hello upside down.

Defeat the guard after the conversation is over and return to the security panel. Examine it and the password will be entered for you. Morgana will be free and the part will be whole again.

After a quick chat, walk up to the vase and examine it. The vase will turn into a giant gem which will then run away from you. Catch it by getting close and hitting X. This will initiate a battle with the Regent. If you can knock it down and talk to it (it is weak to Nuke), it will join your team as a non-combat Persona that can be used to fuse stronger Personas.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

You will finally be able to leave this room. Once you are in the next area, you will see a large wall with a opening in it. Climb through the opening and watch Ryuji freak out over a perspective painting.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Jump down and take out the guard. Run into the ladies’ room to get the treasure chest and then head around the perspective painting to avoid the lasers. Go through the door and into the next room.

Turn right to find the 2nd Exhibition Room Safe Room.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Head left and down the hall. There will be a few guards here. Sneaking up on them can be a little tricky due to the shape of the room and the positioning of the cover. Go slow and take them out. Head up the stairs to your right for some treasure.

Continue past where the guards were to enter another large room with paintings. After you walk through the doorway, electric fences will block the exit and several guards will spawn. Run to the right wall to make sure that you are safe. Clear the enemies out carefully.

Once the enemies are dealt with, head to the back of the room for a treasure chest. After that, start using Third Eye to look for the crooked painting. You will be able to notice it by its distinct blue glow. Pull the painting off the wall to reveal a button. Hit it and escape this room through the door on the left.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

You will now be in the Central Garden. Walk forward along the beautiful path and turn right. There will be a giant, gaudy building in front of you. Walk into the door and watch as it parts. Keep moving forward until you come up to the red fence. Congratulations, you have found the barrier.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Morgana will tell you to go home, but don’t listen to him. Before you leave, head back toward the gardens and go to the yet unexplored room. Here you will find the Central Garden Safe Room. Walk in, discover it, and teleport yourself to the entrance. Leave the palace, you are done for today.

Removing the barrier

The gang will appear back in font of Madarame’s house and a plan will be formulated. Tomorrow you will return here and use Ann as bait! Head home and get some sleep.

Taking down the barrier mostly consists of some really goofy cut scenes and a lot of awkward situations ...

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

After the shenanigans have taken place, you will find yourself alone in the Metaverse with Ryuji, awaiting the barrier’s imminent destruction. Once inside, run up to the red security guard and confront him. You will enter into a battle with the Security Shadow, who is weak to fire. Keep in mind that there are only two of you and give the beast all you’ve got.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

After the monster is dead, turn left and enter into the security room. Run up to the open laptop and examine it, turning off the security. Exit the security room and meet up with Ann, Morgana, and now, Yusuke. Walk back through the palace, dragging poor Yusuke along with you. Once you reach the golden statue room, Shadow Madarame will make himself known.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

After some more talking, Yusuke will discover his Persona all on his own. You will now enter into a battle with the Embittered Blacksmith. Morgana is out for this fight, but Yusuke is in! Use his Giant Slice to deal massive damage to the Embittered Blacksmith. Use your other teammate’s group abilities to deal with all the creepy bird guys in the fight so that you can focus more on the boss.

While he hits hard, The Embittered Blacksmith won’t really put up much of a fight. Take him down and escape the palace. Tomorrow is another day.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Madarame’s Palace part 2

Once you head back into the palace, you will have to choose your team. There can only be four in a party, so the odd person out will be trailing behind (they will still show up in cutscenes and in Safe Rooms). Go up to the three teammates you want and bring them along.

Once the the group has been selected, return to the Central Garden Safe Room and walk through the now open courtyard.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

After crossing the courtyard, you will be back in the large room that you and Ryuji fought through a day or so ago. Clear out the guards and head up the ramps. Grab the map off of the brochure rack at the top of the ramp and then move into the next area.

Head left for a locked chest, assuming you have a lock pick on hand. Now head right, and go all the way down the long hallway. Here, hang a left, around the corner and then a right into a square room. Clear the enemies and grab the chest.

From here, turn left and you will find yourself in the large laser room. This is more or less a maze. Be careful as you progress forward, as a wrong step will bump the security level up. The lasers become much easier to see if you are using Third Eye.

First, head left and slide under the lasers.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Head to the far wall and turn right, walking along the locked barrier.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Right again before the next laser grid.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Walk into the little opening to your left.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Walk forward until you reach the wall. From here, you can jump over the fence on the checkered wall to grab a chest. Once you have the loot, walk alongside the checkered wall and jump over a laser.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Finally! Out of the maze. Head to the back wall and walk up to the paintings that Yusuke pointed out earlier. Examine it and them jump through. Head left through the painting. At the edge of the frame, you will find yourself in a similar, longer painting. Cross it and them jump out onto the wall.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Head along the wall until you find a small ventilation shaft. Crawl inside of it. When you emerge, you will be in a lounge area with a chest and a locked door. Open the door to reveal a shortcut and then turn back toward the red guard standing watch. You have no choice but to fight him, so head up and initiate combat.

The Bringer of Misfortune is relatively easy, although he is immune to physical attacks. As such, use your team’s magical abilities to take him out easily. If you have access to any Nuke powers, the mini-boss it weak to it. Focus him down with magic.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Once the guard is toast, head right to find another locked chest and then move into the security room. Turns out that we are going to need another password. Go through the shortcut door that you just unlocked and eavesdrop on two more stupid guards. They will mention something about Madarame’s feet. Strange. Deal with them and head right back to the ramp room.

In here, there is a unmissable statue of Madarame. It is huge and made of gold. Walk up to its feet and examine it. There will be a numerical riddle, and you will have to figure out the password. The answer is 1120. Return to the security room and open up all the gates. Head across the floor to the farthest side. Go through the double doors and turn left to find the Treasure Hall Safe Room.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Outside of the Safe Room, head left through the door and into the gallery. Now go left down the hallway and through the double doors. You will come up to a large wall full of paintings. Walk up to the first one and jump inside.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Head to the right and into the painting with the mountain and the red gate. Instead of going forward, run through the gate.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

You will now be in a jungle painting, jump out and onto the nearby ledge. Hit the button to make a new painting appear. Jump back in the painting, and make your way back to the mountain. Instead of going through the gate here, head out the right side.

You will now be on a boat, or rather, a painting of a boat. Jump off the boat around where the waves are crashing up along the side. If you continue too far to the right, a octopus monster will hurl you out of the painting and onto the enemy infested floor below. After jumping out of the boat, you will have access to yet another button. Press it.

Now you want to go back in and find your way to the jungle painting. In between the painting’s entrance and where you jumped out earlier, there will be a climb option now. Climb up the rock in the middle and walk farther into the painting.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Once you emerge in a new painting, head right to get out. When you are on solid ground again, head through the double doors and out of this nightmare.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Clear the room in front of you of enemies and then grab the treasure. Head down the ramp to your right and clear again. In the men’s room, off to the right side, you will find a treasure. Walk through the doors at the end of the room to find yourself in another weird space.

You will now be in a gigantic room inspired by the works of M.C. Escher. The room looks confusing, but is actually very straightforward. Use Third Eye to see what you can interact with and follow the path of exclamation points.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Once you have crossed the way, and grabbed the hidden treasure off to the right, head into the blue gateway. Continue along the path until you encounter two Sayuri paintings. You must choose the correct one before you can leave. Examine the one to the right, in the red shirt and claim that it is the true painting. A golden door will light up, go through it.

Now there will be even more Sayuris to choose from. The difference is now a little slighter as well, so walk up to the only one with branches on both sides of it. Claim that it is correct and move through the golden doorway.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Even more paintings? Head along down, past all the fakes, until you come across the second one with a red shirt and branches. Select it, and the golden orb will fly down into the abyss. Head up toward the blue door closest to you and enter it.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

You will be back in the area where you had to choose between red and blue. Go down both flights of stairs and into the new golden doorway.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Walk up to the double doors and enter into the treasure room. Before doing anything else, walk forward toward Madarame and the treasure. A short cutscene will play, and you will regain control. Go left to find the Main Hall Safe Room.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

From the Safe Room, head forward into the security booth. You will have a couple of options here, so choose to open the shutters first. After that, you can do the next two, turn off the power or turn off the laser grid, in either order. Once all options have been attempted, a guard will find you.

Return to where you stood, gazing at the treasure. Head right up the newly opened ramp. Clear out any and all enemies along the way. On your way up the ramp, there will be a square balcony to your left with treasure. Once you reach the top of the ramp, head left and across the small walkway.

When you have walked through the next doorway, turn right for more treasure and left for more ramp. At the very top, you will find the Upper Main Hall Safe Room. In this upper area, there is one control room that you can enter. Ignore the glowing switch on the wall for now and head up the ladder.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

You will now be above the gallery. Jump across the way and toward the hanging hook. After you investigate this new and exciting opportunity, return to the aforementioned glowing switch and examine in. With a plan in place and an infiltration route, the time has come to exit the palace on go to bed.

The next day, after school, determine whether or not you are ready to end this palace. If you are done, send the calling card to Madarame and go to bed. Tomorrow is a big day.

Ichiryusai Azazel Madarame Boss Fight

Enter back into the palace and assess your team. If you don’t have Morgana with you, pick him up, as Media will be very helpful in the upcoming fight. Return to the Upper Main Hall Safe Room and walk up to the crane lever. A short and awesome cutscene will play.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

After the madness is finished, run up the ladder and help Morgana off the hook. Time to get out of here, so run across the the rafters and toward the back wall. Exit out the back window and begin your decent down the building. When you reach the courtyard, the boss fight will begin.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Madarame will split into four separate pieces to start the encounter: a right eye, a left eye, a nose, and a mouth. Each piece has its own elemental properties and abilities. Similarly, each piece has several things that can damage it and at least one that heals it. Experiment with your different elements until you have a decent idea of what hurts what.

Use abilities that hurt multiple pieces at once. By doing this, you will inadvertently heal one piece, but that will make little difference in the long run. When there are only one or two left, focus them down with abilities that will actually hurt them. After the pieces fall, the real boss emerges.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Attack the now open Madarame. Use everything at your disposal. Try using abilities that debuff Madarame’s defenses for multiple turns or buff your allies. Use physical Persona attacks to deal massive damage to the painter. Eventually, he will return to his separated form.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Now the pieces will be able to reform if you don’t take them all out quickly enough. If you are bursting most pieces down and saving one or two for last, this won’t be much of an issue for you. However, Madarame will also start covering your allies in black paint, making them vulnerable to all damage. Keep them healed up or use items to either cleanse them or revive them if they fall.

Continue the process again to reveal Madarame. Nothing has really changed here so keep doing as much damage as you can. When he splits off again, the team will notice buckets of black paint off to the side. Send Yusuke to go grab them, and continue fighting the pieces as normal. In a few turns, Yusuke will smear the paint all over the pieces, making them weak to everything. Reveal Madarame again and finish the fight.

This fight is fairly easy as long as you are spending most of Morgana’s turns using Media or other healing/cleansing abilities. Take your time and don’t be too precious with your items. Once he falls, Yusuke gets to have a little revenge.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

After the palace is finished, you will have your remaining free time to wait for the change of Heart, but first, go to sleep and have a little chat with Igor.

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