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Persona 5 guide: 5/7 Mementos walkthrough

What to do on May 7

Finally, a big day! Today starts like many others, with class and a question. If you want an extra knowledge point, answer "a femme fatal" when called on. After school, hang out with your friends. Morgana will bring you all into the station square and teach you about a new mini-dungeon called Mementos.

Mementos, 5/7

The four of you will head into the Metaverse, Morgana will turn into a cat-bus and make a very overt My Neighbor Totoro reference, then you will gain control of the game. Mementos is not as specifically laid out as palaces, so you are on your own for navigation. That being said, you are looking for a giant hell portal with twisted train tracks around it. There are also several enemies to fight (should you wish) and treasure to be found. Open gates by hitting X when next to them, and if you come to a closed off area with stairs leading down, turn back for the time being.

Once you make it to the portal, you will face your target, Shadow Nakanohara. This mini-boss will hit hard if given the opportunity. He is, however, weak to lightning. So zap him, and he should go down in no time.

Once you have taken care of the stalker boyfriend, head out into the open area again. Before leaving Mementos, you want to find those stairs we mentioned earlier. They should look just like a subway platform. When you find it, roll up in the cat-bus and get out. Talk to the gang and head downstairs. After a short chat, the group will head out of Mementos.

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