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Persona 5 guide: The end of May (before Madarame’s Palace)

What to do after May 16, preparing for Madarame’s Palace

Just like the first deadline period, you are afforded a lot of free time in the next several days of May. There are a variety of things that you can do to prepare yourself for the coming palace. It seems like a lot, but be sure to make the most of it. Moreover, give yourself at least six to eight days for the museum, as you will have to spend a full day outside of the palace taking down the barrier.

There are plenty of things to keep you occupied and prepare you for Madarame’s Palace:

  • Go to the Velvet Room by Untouchable. Accept and attempt to complete Justine and Caroline’s quest for a specific Persona (you may be able to fuse your own then and there). This will grant you a new confidant, Strength. While you are here, toy around a little and try to create more powerful Personas for the palace.
  • Go buy more powerful weapons for your teammates at Untouchable. You should have plenty of cash on hand.
  • Go to work. If you have a day job, consider applying for a night one as well. The Beef Bowl shop pays very well and increases your proficiency while you work.
  • Hang out with your confidants. Sojiro and Takemi are great for outside oriented bonuses. Mishima will grant you additional battle XP as well as a boost to Moon Persona fusions if you increase your relationship (he hangs out on Central Street). Ryuji and Ann will afford you extra in battle benefits. Ann however has a prerequisite, your kindness must be level 2. So …
  • Work on your stats! One easy way to increase knowledge specifically is to answer school questions over these days with: "Together/Senses," "Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Burglar," "William Kidd."
  • Work on more requests. After completing the last Mementos on 5/18, you can start investigating the bully leader. Mishima will tell you to look around school. Head to the school gate and listen to a conversation between two boys. Now that you have the name, enter into Mementos to take out Shadow Sakoda. He is past the safe area and is harder than the other Mementos bosses. He uses ice, so be sure to use a Persona that is null to that element. Having abilities like Ice Wall, which can prevent Ann (who is weak to ice) from getting knocked down, is also very helpful. Debuff, heal, attack, and you will eventually take him down.
  • On 5/28, Ryuji will ask to take a break and go see a movie the next day. Accept his offer that night to receive some massive gains in your relationship.

Once you feel prepared, dive into Madarame’s Palace.

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