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Persona 5 guide: All of June and Kaneshiro’s Bank Palace

Mementos, Kaneshiro Bank, Palace, Junya Bael Kaneshiro

Table of contents

Daily walkthroughs

Kaneshiro’s Bank Palace

Awaiting the change of heart

There are plenty of things to do with the remaining time after you steal the treasure from Madarame’s Palace:

  • Wash dirty items that you may have found in the palace.
  • Hang out with your friends.
  • Answer "brightly colored" when a teacher asks you a question in early June.
  • Accept Ryuji’s invitation to hire a maid service. This will open up a new confidant, your home room teacher Kawakami. After this meeting, you can call her over to your room using the phone in Leblanc.
  • Work in the Beef Bowl Shop twice to meet Yoshida, the politician. He will recognize your hard work, and the next time you see him giving a speech in the Station Square, you will progress towards gaining him as a confidant.
  • Complete any leftover requests in Mementos.

6/5 Sunday

Today is the big day. After a month of work, Madarame hosts a press conference that he uses to admit to all of his previous sins. The community has some choice words for him, and the gang finally gains some fame. You will have a little bit of free time in the afternoon, so try talking with Yoshida in the Station Square if you haven’t yet.

6/6 Monday (Shadow Shimizu and Shadow Odo)

Today, Makoto gets some more pressure put upon her to nail the Phantom Thieves. You are safe from her ever watchful eye for the moment, so today makes for a great time to hit up Mementos. If you have been keeping up with your requests, you should have two separate requests: Shadow Shimizu and Shadow Odo.

Shadow Shimizu

For Shadow Shimizu, head as far down as you can. She is standing on the end platform of Area 2, right before the barrier. Walk up to her to start the battle.

Shimizu is fairly easy, as she is weak to fire. Use Ann’s fire spells, and wail on her like you would any other enemy. Once she goes down, open up the new barrier and head into Area 3.

Shadow Odo

As usual with Mementos, just keep rolling down until you reach a floor with a giant exclamation mark on the map. Once you find the distorted rails, head through.

Walk up to Shadow Odo, and listen to him blabber on about his distorted heart for a little while. Once you get the chance to enter battle with him, don’t treat him as much of a threat. Just debuff his defense and beat on him with your team. He will go down in no time at all. Once he falls, explore the 3rd Area of Mementos until you reach a Safe Room.

6/7 Tuesday

Answer today’s class question with "hermit crab" to gain some extra knowledge. You will also get some more information on Makoto’s investigation into the Phantom Thieves, but that is all for today. With your free time, check in with Takemi after school and Yoshida in the evening.

6/8 Wednesday

In class today, answer "dreams." You have some more free time, so spend after school studying or hanging out with a friend. In the evening, meet up with Mishima.

6/9 Thursday

Finally, a day with something to do. The gang has a special social studies trip today to a Japanese television studio. Watch the long sequence play out and meet Gore Akechi, boy detective. After the exhilarating time at the TV station, the group will head to Dome Town for some fun. After the festivities are over, head home and go to sleep.

6/10 Friday

Today it’s back to the TV station for more fun time. Because of your brief appearance on television yesterday, Akechi will decide to approach you and have a chat. Here, you will gain him as a confidant and therefore receive the Justice Persona. You won’t be able to improve your relationship with Akechi for the time being, but the Persona is nice for the extra fusion experience.

Once you get home from your field trip, go up to the Leblanc payphone (the big and yellow one on the corner of the bar) and call Kawakami. Your teacher will now come over and clean your room. Enjoy the weird conversation here, and gain the Temperance Persona, as well as the ability to slack off in some classes.

6/11 Saturday

Answer "three Olympic sized pools" when asked about the world’s gold supply in class. Today is the day that Makoto finally interrogates the gang. Talk with her for a minute, and then continue along with your friends.

With Madarame heading to prison, Yusuke doesn’t have anywhere to stay. He abandons his school dorms and decides to crash with you (after a failed attempt at trying to stay with Ann). Take the entire group back to your room for a fun celebration. After a short discussion, the gang will decide to cook a Hot Pot.

Ryuji, Yusuke and Ann will go out and buy groceries. However, you are left with the responsibility of finding the pot. Go talk to Sojiro and he will tell you to check in the kitchen. Examine the stove area and find a gigantic pot.

Now go have dinner with your friends. The perspective will shift to Makoto eating dinner with … surprise! It’s her sister, Sae, the investigator from the frame narrative. Watch them chat before returning to your room. Go to sleep, and get some more Persona slots from Igor.

6/12 Sunday

Turns out Yusuke moving in with you was not a longterm solution. He moves out after a nice chat with Sojiro. You have this Sunday to yourself, so go spend some time with Ann in the afternoon and Yoshida in the evening.

6/13 Monday

In class today, answer your question with "the government." You will be asked to meet with Makoto in the student council room. This is very easy to find. Head up to the third floor, and walk over toward the library. Enter in the third door on the left and have a chat with the student body president.

Ryuji’s big mouth has finally gotten you in trouble. Have a discussion with Makoto and the gang about the Phantom Thieves. After that disaster, go home and get some sleep.

6/14 Tuesday

Today, you need to go and meet with Makoto, who will contact you. Chat with her about the current predicament surrounding your now compromised band of thieves. Starting tomorrow, you work for Makoto. Head home with Yusuke, who wants to chat with you in Leblanc.

After your lovely meeting, you will be informed that you only have 14 days to steal the Mafia boss’ heart. Try not to panic too much, and to Mishima. (This is also a great opportunity to go to Untouchable and sell all of your treasure).

6/15 Wednesday

To today’s in class question, answer "change color." You are now on a mission, so walk up to Ann at the front of the class, and listen in on her conversation. You will learn that a kid named Nishiyama is involved. Head out into the hall, and ask Mishima about Nishiyama. He will prove unsuprisingly worthless, so go and ask the newspaper girl down the hall instead.

Now head up to the 3rd floor library and confront Nishiyama, who is standing toward the back of the room.

When talking to Morgana about the illegal activities taking place, tell him "drugs." After talking in the library, go back down to your classroom and talk to Ann. You will now back her target into the stairwell. He will spill the beans about his operations. You are done for the day, so go home and call Kawakami on the payphone.

6/16 Thursday

The investigation continues today, but now you will be headed to Central Street. Meet up with the gang, and then head down the familiar area, listening in on conversations. If you head down the alley toward Untouchable, you will run into a old man. Talk to him.

He will point you toward a friend of his. Head out of Central Street and toward Station Square. Go down the far right steps and into the underground walkway. You will find a homeless man sitting next to some cardboard boxes. Talk to him.

After talking to the old man, head back to Central Street. Turn down the alley by the workout center, Protein Lovers. You will meet with Makoto here. Watch the scene, and then head home. Spend the evening with Sojiro.

6/17 Friday

Today, the gang will decide to meet up at Karaoke. Go with them and chat for a bit about the current situation. After your meeting, go home and make some infiltration tools.

6/18 Saturday

Something very special happens today. After what has seemed like an eternity, Yusuke will finally ask you to hang out! Meet up with him for some people watching, and then follow him into Mementos. You will have to do one small battle against some slime (they are weak to wind). After helping Yusuke with his art, you are headed to a brand new area.

Meet up with Ryuji in the train station. Walk down the stairs and out into Station Square. Head right until you see a green sign advertising the JL line.

Pay the fair, and board the train to Shinjuku. Walking through the new city street, you will be interrupter by all sorts of people. After you escape the cop, head to the end of the street. Find the pink sign on the right advertising "Crossroads." Leave Ryuji outside, and go meet Ohya. Once the meeting is done, walk all the way back down the street and find Ryuji.

6/19 Sunday

On this fine Sunday you will be attempting to infiltrate the palace of Kaneshiro, your new target. When the gang starts shouting at the navigation app, answer "a bank." After a short cutscene, you will find yourself in a shadow version of Shibuya. Walk up and down the street, talking to the broken ATM people that you find.

You aren’t getting into the palace today after all. Head home and go to sleep.

6/20 Monday (the bank)

Today, Makoto goes from calm student body president to reckless squad mate. Makoto will get purposefully kidnapped by Kaneshiro’s goons. Follow her, and meet the man himself. Once you all escape, it is time to bring Makoto into the Metaverse. Now that Kaneshiro is extorting her, you will be able to enter the bank.

Once you gain control, head forward and to the right. There will be a small opening that will let you go behind the tellers. The guards are very strict and force you to follow along their path, so getting lost is pretty hard. Just follow the line of guards until you reach the office. Go through the doors and examine the money on the table.

After a short introduction to Shadow Kaneshiro, you will need to escape. Run out the same way you came in. You will get tripped up once you get back into the main room, and Makoto will have to face her true self. After Makoto unleashes her Persona, you will enter into a battle.

Use your new party member to attack the Floodbringer Demon (who is weak to Nuke skills). Once you take out the demon party, head home and go to sleep. Tomorrow marks the beginning of free time.

The next 18 days (beginning on 6/21)

Starting on 6/21, you will be granted the normal freedom given to you before a palace. There are plenty of things to do during this time:

  • Hang out with Ryuji, Ann and Yusuke to increase your in combat abilities.
  • Hang out with Sojiro, Takemi and Mishima to gain outside benefits.
  • Answer in class questions with "Pope Joan," "heavy rain," "gold," and "baozi."
  • Go and get your fortune read in Shinjuku, spend 100,000 yen on the fortune teller’s stone. You need to buy this item to gain access to the Fortune Persona, as well as a few other benefits that Chihaya (the fortune teller) can provide.
  • Explore the shops in Shinjuku.
  • Return to Mementos for the "Phantom Thieves vs Burglary Ring" request. Head part-way through Area 2. You will eventually come head to head with Kazuya Makigami’s shadow form. Use Curse to weaken the boss and kill it.
  • Learn how to use the new fusion feature, the gallows, to sacrifice Personas to grant experience to others.
  • Hang out with Mishima until you get the opportunity to track down his shadow in Mementos.
  • Gain Ohya as a confidant (birthing the Devil Persona) by hanging out with her in Crossroads.

Kaneshiro’s Bank Palace walkthrough

Once you are ready, head into the Metaverse to take on Kaneshiro. Makoto will receive her code name as soon as you enter.

Once inside, the first thing that you may notice is that the front door is closed off. Time to find another way around. Head to the right side of the courtyard and walk up to the suspicious pig statue. Examine it, and then crawl through the cave hidden beneath.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Head through the secret passage, and take a right around the stairs. (You currently have no reason to go up them.) Head into the main room, which will look pretty familiar. Clear out the guards here and then head behind the tellers. There is a hidden treasure on the far left side.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Head back out into the main room, and walk to the left. You will find yourself in another large room, but this one has an elevator in it. Clear out the room, grab the treasure under the stairs, and head up to the second level.

Here, you will be confronted by your very first dog enemy. The dogs are more perceptive than other guards, meaning that they will spot you far easier if you are not behind cover. Sneak up on the dog, and then clear out the rest of the floor.

Before doing anything else, head to the far left side and hit the button to open a shortcut back to the first floor.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Return to where you first fought the dog enemy, and look up at the shelves in front of you. If you look closely, you will be able to see the vent, which is where you want to go. Climb up the shelves, and enter the security room. Ambush the security enemy in here, and grab the key card. You will also gain access to part one of the map here.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Exit the security room, and clear the floor again. Now head down the right hallway from the dog stairs. You will find a small box that you can use your new key card on. Do so.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Inside this room, you will find the elevator controls. All that should concern you is the gaping hole in the floor that allows your team to ride on top of the elevator. Jump down, and begin your decent into the basement.

Into the basement

Crawl through the vent in front of you and then jump into the basement. After Kaneshiro makes a quick announcement to his goons, head through the right side door and down the hall. Turn right to find the Banker Passageway Safe Room.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

After gathering your team together, take a double right and make your move down the long hallway. Use third eye to walk through the security camera’s blind spots, and attack the electrical box on the wall.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Head through the doorway to your left. You will be in a small square room connected to a very narrow hallway. Defeat all the guards here and follow the hallway all the way down.

At the end of the hall, turn right into a small square room with some treasure and another electrical box. Once the chest is opened and the box smashed, head back up the hallway. This time, hang left toward the even smaller room. There is another electrical box in here. Smash it.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Now that the security cameras are taken care of, leave the narrow hallway and return to the square room. Head through the left doorway and up the long stairs. Walk across the balcony area and then down another set of stairs. Ignore the small room in front of you and continue down the hallway. Defeat the guard and break the electrical box.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Before moving on, return to the small room that we previously passed by to nab some extra treasure, and then go back down the hallway. Use your key card to open up a shortcut to the Safe Room and then head through the doors into the next area.

You will now be in a small room with a staircase to the right and a door in front of you. Head up the staircase first, and use your key card to unlock a shortcut back to the first floor. Once that is taken care of, return to the small room and go through the new doors.

Getting past the vault

This new room is large and has a ton of security, so watch your step. First things first, cross the room and go through the doorway. You will be in a balcony area with a guard patrolling. Take him out. If you head forward and look to the left, you will see an impassable security section.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Instead of trying to get through this way, think like a thief. Turn around and head back toward the other side of the room. If you look closely, you will find some pipes. Jump onto them and then down to the next floor. Clear the guards out, and grab the treasure chest. Go left down the hall until you come across the giant vault door.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Time to find some keys. Go up the staircase in front of you and take a right. Nab the treasure chest and go through the door. Climb up the cabinets to the left, and go through the small vent. Jump down into the new room to find a chest and two electrical boxes. Break them both to clear the security.

Use your key card to gain access to the main room. Walk through the now security-less balcony, and come across the two yellow guards. Time for some trickery. After Makoto suggests it, you will be given an opportunity to teleport back to the communications room. Accept the prompt.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Walk in, and examine the communicator. A short scene will play, and your squad will ambush the yellow guard when he comes in. Attack the guard with lightning skills and he will fall fast.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

For defeating the enemy, you will receive the right key. Return to the basement and confront the other yellow guard. This one is weak to nuke skills. Defeating this guard will net you the left key as well as the 2nd map.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Once you have gotten both keys (and the second piece of the map), return to the giant vault door and open it. Congratulate your team on a job well done, and run down the long hall of the Laundering Office.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Descending through the Laundering Office

Open up the door and take a left down the hallway. At the end, go through the left side door. Slowly make your way down this long office area. Be sure to avoid the cameras and ambush the guards. At the end of the hallway, enter into the square room.

Dead end? Not quite. In the corner, you will find a small opening. Crawl through it and into the giant money pit room.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Crawl along the wall, and then jump down a floor. From here, turn around and walk toward the back room. Enter in through a small area in the corner, just like the room above.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

For the time being, ignore the elevator. Head down the hallway and defeat the guards, just like above. In the next room, turn right and sneak around the security cameras. At the end of this room, there is a treasure chest. Return to the other side of the room and go up the stairs. At the top, unlock a shortcut. Return to the aforementioned elevator and travel down.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

There is a chest at the end of the hall here. Go and claim it. Once that is finished, head through the doorway and into a large room. Kaneshiro can be seen below speaking to a yellow guard. To reach him, you can go down the right stairs or the left. Left is far easier in terms of enemies but has no treasure. The right side has more enemies but two treasure chests.

Make your way down to Kaneshiro however you see fit and prepare for a fight. Battle the third yellow guard, who will bring copies of the other two into battle with him. The new boss, in the middle, is weak to psychic abilities. The left boss is weak to nuke and the right boss is weak to lightning. Take them out using their weaknesses.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

During the battle, it appears that Kaneshiro escaped. No matter, because he left behind his journal. Before heading down the elevator, turn around and grab the Office Safe Room between the stairs.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Return to the elevator at the far end of the room and head down into the Underground Vault. Upon arrival, turn to your left and find the Underground Vault Safe Room. Save here and consider leaving the Metaverse if you are low on health or SP.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

The 1st code

Once you are ready to press on, head out of the Underground Vault Safe Room and up to the pin entry panel. Examine it.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Using the hints in Kaneshiro’s journal, you will have to transcribe the four letter word into a code. The code for this box and the word "RICH," is 0102. Once the code is put in correctly, select the little enter arrow in the bottom right of the key pad. Inputting the correct code will cause the walls to spin, opening a new entry point.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

The 2nd code

Move deeper into the Underground Vault and head down the stairs to the left. Clear the main room out, and walk around to the back of the security area. You will find two large vault doors. Go through them and grab the treasure chest. Before leaving this room, walk up to the pig statue for a new piece of the journal.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Return to the stairs that you entered this floor on. At the foot of the stairs, there are shelves that you can climb. Do so and then head down the stairs to the left.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

You will now be on a new floor. Take two lefts from the entrance, and you will find yourself face-to-face with another pig statue. Punch it in the nose for another piece of the journal.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Turning around, head into one of the little alcoves that the enemies patrol to. There are climbable shelves in here with a treasure chest at the top.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Once everything has been cleared and you have both pieces of the journal, go up the stairs. Go across the walkway and turn left at the end. Here is the pin entry panel that you have been looking for. Walk up and examine it.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

The word you are looking to solve this time is "REAP." Type in the code 0931. Once that business is finished, return to the vault and head deeper in. Time to go down another stairway.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

The 3rd code

In the basement of the next area, continue along the path (destroying an electronics box on your way) until you come up to a door. Don’t bother going through. Instead, look up to the right and climb.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Go through the vent at the top and move into a room full of money stacks and lasers. Jump along the stacks to reach the treasure chest in the middle of the room. Once you are ready to leave, walk along to piles on the far right side of the room until you come across a vent. Crawl through it and into the next room.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Before heading up the stairs, hang left and go through the doorway. You will be met with electric barriers, but don’t be alarmed. Turn right out of the door and find a pig statue. Punch it and grab another piece of the journal.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Head back to where you left the vent, and climb the stairs. Be sure to destroy all electrical boxes you see. At the top of the stairs, head right down a short hallway and run into another pig statue. Do your thing, and steal the journal pages.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Some enemies will now spawn. Take them out slowly and cautiously. Once the room is clear again, head down the hallway and look left. Oh look, another pin machine.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

The word you are looking to transcribe this time is "Huge." The code you are looking for is 2319.

Instead of accepting the teleport back to the main vault area, turn around and break the electrical box. From up here, jump into the maze now that it is devoid of security. Look carefully around the maze until you come across a treasure chest. Grab it, and return to the vault.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Shifting walls

Go through the doorway. This next part is a little different. First, attack the yellow guard near the pin machine. Use physical attacks to beat him and avoid using lightning. Once defeated, examine the pin machine. No password needed. Hit the left button, and go through the now open doorway.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

You will now find an identical machine to the last one. Walk up and activate the button, which will move a wall that you do not have access to yet. Return to the previous machine (the one the yellow guard was standing in front of) and activate the button again. Head through the now open area and go down the stairs to your right.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

The final code

To your left, you will find a chest. Defeat the enemies in the area, and take it. Now head down the stairs and continue along the hallway. Destroy the electrical box you come across. Head through the doorway.

You will now be in a large warehouse. Carefully navigate your way through. Be sure to keep an eye on your map so you don’t get ambushed by enemies. Once you have reached the end of the room, head through the doorway.

Now you need to sneak past some cameras and then destroy and electrical box. If you hang right, you will find another electrical box and a pig. Open the pig for another piece of the journal.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Return to the main hallway, and keep going. Once you reach the gated doorway, head left. Move forward a little and then take another left into a square room with another pig. Open it up for the final piece of the journal. Break the electrical box before you leave.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Turn around, and head back into the other room. You can’t get through the gate from here, so walk up to the key card reader on the left, and open up a shortcut. Return to the warehouse room and climb the large pallet in the middle.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

From here, you can turn around and see a treasure chest, jump your way along the pallets to grab it. On your way back from the treasure, hug the left wall and continue climbing up the pallets.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Keep moving forward until you can jump down and enter a small vent. Follow the vent along until you reach the final pin machine.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Approach the new machine.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

This time, you are solving for the word "GOLD." The code for this one is 1841.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Securing the route

Return to the vault, and head into the heart. You can now take the giant elevator into the treasure room. Congratulations on besting this giant puzzle.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

After a short scene, your infiltration route will be secured. Return back to the real world and head to sleep. After school the next day, meet up with the gang like usual and decide to send the calling card. This will end the day like every other time, so go back to Leblanc and head to sleep again.

Once back in the Metaverse, travel to the Underground Vault Safe Room and reach the heart of the vault again. Take the elevator down and prepare for a fight.

Junya Bael Kaneshiro boss fight

After a short scene with Kaneshiro, the bank president will transform into some weird version of Brundlefly or Dr. Baxter Stockman.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

This fight is fairly simple. Beat on Kaneshiro for a couple of turns. He doesn’t pose much of a threat, so treat him like you would most other enemy encounters. Decrease his defense, and hit him with the best abilities you have. Once his health gets fairly low, he will summon his giant robot, Piggytron.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

This giant robot pig has a lot of health and hits fairly hard. Beat on it for a couple of turns, being sure to stay mindful of your teammates’ health situation. Eventually, Kaneshiro will emerge and climb on top of Piggytron. He is gearing up for a hard-hitting attack, but he’s also vulnerable. Use area of effect abilities to hit both Kaneshiro and Piggytron.

If you do enough damage, Kaneshiro will fall off of the robot and be crushed when it rolls forward. He will then retreat back into Piggytron. Continue the assault until Kaneshiro emerges again.

This time, the team will come up with a good idea. You will be given a selection of three items to throw at the boss should you wish. Go with the most expensive one (your teammates will make suggestions if you listen to them).

Once the item is selected, your teammate with throw it out onto the battlefield. Kaneshiro will get very distracted and suck it up into Piggytron. He will then re-enter the robot to examine the item. You will now have two free turns to attack Piggytron.

Sadly, Piggytron is not weak to anything, so debuffing his defense and then attacking him with physical Persona skills or magic seems to work best.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Kaneshiro will eventually emerge again. Throw another expensive item his way and keep beating on Piggytron. Eventually, the mechanical menace will fall, and the fight will be over.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

Confront Kaneshiro about how much of a jerk he has been, and return to the real world.

The gang will grab Morgana and the suitcase (full of fake money) and take it to Leblanc. After you investigate the case, get ready to head to sleep. All that’s left to do now is await Kaneshiro’s change of heart. Go to sleep, and Igor will offer you additional experience rewards from Arcana Burst.

Image: Atlus/Sega via Polygon

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