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6/20 Monday (the bank)

Today, Makoto goes from calm student body president to reckless squad mate. Makoto will get purposefully kidnapped by Kaneshiro’s goons. Follow her, and meet the man himself. Once you all escape, it is time to bring Makoto into the Metaverse. Now that Kaneshiro is extorting her, you will be able to enter the bank.

Once you gain control, head forward and to the right. There will be a small opening that will let you go behind the tellers. The guards are very strict and force you to follow along their path, so getting lost is pretty hard. Just follow the line of guards until you reach the office. Go through the doors and examine the money on the table.

After a short introduction to Shadow Kaneshiro, you will need to escape. Run out the same way you came in. You will get tripped up once you get back into the main room, and Makoto will have to face her true self. After Makoto unleashes her Persona, you will enter into a battle.

Use your new party member to attack the Floodbringer Demon (who is weak to Nuke skills). Once you take out the demon party, head home and go to sleep. Tomorrow marks the beginning of free time.

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