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Persona 5 walkthrough: 6/18 Saturday

What to do on Saturday, June 18

Something very special happens today. After what has seemed like an eternity, Yusuke will finally ask you to hang out! Meet up with him for some people watching, and then follow him into Mementos. You will have to do one small battle against some slime (they are weak to wind). After helping Yusuke with his art, you are headed to a brand new area.

Meet up with Ryuji in the train station. Walk down the stairs and out into Station Square. Head right until you see a green sign advertising the JL line.

Pay the fair, and board the train to Shinjuku. Walking through the new city street, you will be interrupter by all sorts of people. After you escape the cop, head to the end of the street. Find the pink sign on the right advertising "Crossroads." Leave Ryuji outside, and go meet Ohya. Once the meeting is done, walk all the way back down the street and find Ryuji.

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