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Persona 5 guide: 6/15 Wednesday walkthrough

What to do on Wednesday, June 15

To today’s in class question, answer "change color." You are now on a mission, so walk up to Ann at the front of the class, and listen in on her conversation. You will learn that a kid named Nishiyama is involved. Head out into the hall, and ask Mishima about Nishiyama. He will prove unsuprisingly worthless, so go and ask the newspaper girl down the hall instead.

Now head up to the 3rd floor library and confront Nishiyama, who is standing toward the back of the room.

When talking to Morgana about the illegal activities taking place, tell him "drugs." After talking in the library, go back down to your classroom and talk to Ann. You will now back her target into the stairwell. He will spill the beans about his operations. You are done for the day, so go home and call Kawakami on the payphone.

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