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Persona 5 guide: 6/11 Saturday walkthrough

What to do on Saturday, June 11

Answer "three Olympic sized pools" when asked about the world’s gold supply in class. Today is the day that Makoto finally interrogates the gang. Talk with her for a minute, and then continue along with your friends.

With Madarame heading to prison, Yusuke doesn’t have anywhere to stay. He abandons his school dorms and decides to crash with you (after a failed attempt at trying to stay with Ann). Take the entire group back to your room for a fun celebration. After a short discussion, the gang will decide to cook a Hot Pot.

Ryuji, Yusuke and Ann will go out and buy groceries. However, you are left with the responsibility of finding the pot. Go talk to Sojiro and he will tell you to check in the kitchen. Examine the stove area and find a gigantic pot.

Now go have dinner with your friends. The perspective will shift to Makoto eating dinner with … surprise! It’s her sister, Sae, the investigator from the frame narrative. Watch them chat before returning to your room. Go to sleep, and get some more Persona slots from Igor.

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