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Persona 5 guide: All of August and summer vacation

Summer vacation, Helping Futaba

Table of contents

Summer vacation

Starting on 7/26, you will have 26 full days of break. That means no school and lots of free time. You have until 8/21 to complete Futaba’s Palace, and do whatever you want. On the day of The Cleanse, the game will get a little more structured before school starts back up. There are lots of things to do during summer break:

  • Catch up on any Mementos quests you may have missed.
  • Return to the Fortune Teller, Chihaya, after completing her request in Mementos. This will gain you the Fortune Persona and some new perks.
  • Friends that you are close to will often make late night plans with you for the next day. If you accept, they will be waiting for you in Leblanc the next morning. Head down and hang out with them in your room. After a while, you can choose to do something else with someone else, or allow them to stay while you make coffee. Make sure you have a TV and a Game Console (both of which you can get from the used store down the street from Leblanc, it will look like a recycling symbol on your map).
  • At some point, Mishima will also ask you to accompany him to snoop on "some weird eccentric" at the planetarium. We don’t know anyone who fits that description, do we?
  • Once you have a high enough Knowledge stat (+3 or above), you can find Makoto by the Shujin school gates (even during summer vacation). You can invite her to hang out with you from here.
  • Similarly, once you have a high enough Charm stat (+3 or above), you can meet up with Hifumi Togo, the Shogi player. Becoming her acquaintance will net you some awesome combat perks as well as the Star Persona.
  • Continue boosting your social stats and taking the Big Bang Burger Challenge at Big Bang Burger on Central Street. Just walk in during the evenings and pay 500 Yen to try the challenge.
  • During summer vacation, you will get several requests that are not quite ready. They require you to work shifts at a few different places. Get a job at the Floral Shop (use a job magazine), the Convenience Store (job magazine), and at the Crossroads bar (talk to Lala behind the bar once you have higher social stats). Work a few shifts at these places after Mishima suggests it, and you will learn the name of a new Mementos target.

There is really no wrong way to spend your summer break. Just make sure that you are always spending time with someone or raising a stat.

8/21 Sunday

Today is the day of the big cleanse by Medjed, but Futaba still seems to be fast asleep. Have breakfast with Sojiro in Leblanc and he will tell you some more sad stuff about Futaba and Wakaba. Eventually, Futaba will interrupt your conversation! Finally, she is ready to help the gang.

Return to Futaba’s room and sit patiently with her until she hacks into the Medjed website and proves once and for all who the real thieves are. Enjoy the funny cutscene of Joker and Morgana cleaning Futaba’s room and learn the true depth of Futaba’s oddness.

8/22 Monday

Now that the threat is dealt with, the gang will all come over to Leblanc to watch the news together. This will really be the first time that Futaba joins in on the Phantom Thieves’ festivities. Sojiro will question you all a little about the Phantom Thieves, but your identities will all remain a secret to him for now (which is pretty surprising, considering that Ryuji is there).

Spend the day with your friends and then enjoy your free evening with whoever you wish. When you go to sleep, Igor will have a quick word with you in The Velvet Room.

8/23 Tuesday

Futaba begins her communication skills training today! In order to become a better Phantom Thief, the gang has decided that Futaba needs to come out of her shell a little more. To help achieve this goal, Makoto and Yusuke come over today to hang out and make conversation. Your friends will fumble a little bit, but everyone has a pleasant enough time.

Similar to yesterday, finish out your day with a free evening. If there is anything you wanted to do more during Summer Vacation, now is the time to finish it up.

8/24 Wednesday

Now it is Ryuji and Ann’s turn to help Futaba. Hang out with the three of them for a little while. It will be decided that Futaba should help out in Leblanc tomorrow. No need to prepare Sojiro, just go enjoy a evening free of thoughts about Futaba burning down Leblanc.

8/25 Thursday

Today, Futaba will come to work in Leblanc, much to the surprise of Sojiro. She does ... well, in her own, always interesting way.

She may have scared a few customers with that mask of hers, but she is proud of herself, and that is all that matters. Be a nice person and tell Futaba that she did a great job. Now go out and enjoy a free evening on the town.

8/26 Friday

The gang has decided that they are going to take Futaba to the beach, something that she is both nervous and excited about. Well today, your friends will meet up in your room, but Ann and Makoto will be a little late. Turns out they went shopping together to find the perfect swimsuit for Futaba. The girls kick you, Ryuji, Yusuke, and Morgana out of your room so Futaba can try her suit on.

Once everyone has left Leblanc, spend your evening with Yoshida, Chihaya, or whoever you wish.

8/27 Saturday

Ryuji and Yusuke will come over today to eat with you and Futaba. Have a fun and relaxing time with them and Sojiro. The old man even softens up a little bit and makes coffee for everyone on the house. What a guy.

With your evening, call Kawakami and hang out with her for a bit.

8/28 Sunday

Today, you are going to spend your time working at Leblanc with Sojiro and Futaba. Eventually, Akechi will come in. No worries though, as he is just interested in a nice cup of coffee. Treat him nicely or coldly, it is up to you and it changes nothing. After his time in Leblanc, he will go home and Futaba will invite you and Sojiro outside for some fireworks. Enjoy the time with you new, little family and then go to sleep.

8/29 Monday

Beach day is here!

It may be hot outside, but the Phantom Thieves still know how to have a good time. Enjoy the beautiful (and lengthy) anime about you and your friends finishing up the summer in style.

Ann, Makoto, and Futaba will leave the boys to watch their thing, and the boys will eventually leave Morgana in charge so they can go try and hit on some beach ladies. It doesn’t go very well. When the gang meets back up later in the evening, Futaba opens up a little bit on the beach.

Once you arrive back at Leblanc, you will have some evening free time. Spend it however you wish.

8/30 Tuesday

Today, you have no obligations whatsoever. Finish up your summer to-do list, because this is your last truly free day before school starts back up. Make the most of it!

8/31 Wednesday

To end your summer, have a little bit of family time with the Sakuras. Sojiro will offer to take you and Futaba out for some sushi (which Morgana will be very jealous about). You will get so see Futaba shove her face so full of food that she chokes and then pukes, while also learning more about Sojiro and Wakaba’s friendship. Sojiro will, of course, complain about the bill.

When you get home, Futaba will ask that you accompany her to Akihabara to buy a game. She will insist that she can make it on her own, even though she is a little younger than you (and just left her room for the first time in months like, 10 days ago). It goes about as well as expected, and you will find Futaba lost, scared, and being helped by a cop. Chat with her for a bit to gain the Hermit Persona.

Time to go home and get some sleep because school starts tomorrow. Your snoozing will be interrupted by Igor, who wishes to congratulate you on another job well done. He will then increase your Persona cap to 12.

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