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Persona 5 guide: Heavenly Punisher

Kamoshida’s Castle Palace, mini-boss

While going through Kamoshida’s palace, you will have a relatively easy time with most of the shadows in the dungeon. However, once you reach the Chapel, you will go up against one of Persona 5’s toughest foes to date: the Heavenly Punisher.

Walking into the Chapel, things will look completely clear, with no enemies in sight. Morgana will ask if you are prepared before walking up to the giant alter to Kamoshida, tell him yes. After some brief dialogue with the team, the Heavenly Punisher will rear its ugly head. Morgana will teach you how to block, and the fight will begin.

The best way to think about this fight is as a tutorial. Morgana’s suggestion to block is a little more mandatory than he lets on. If you do not block, you’ll die. If you do block, you’ll win.

The good news about the Heavenly Punisher is that Persona 5 is very, very clear about when he will attack. When it says that the Heavenly Punisher is Charging, it means that he will attack on his next turn. These hits will do massive damage to your team, and he will likely one-shot-kill those who are unprotected. With that in mind, to use the guard function on every member of your team. If your friends are above half health, they will almost certainly survive the attack (if they are guarding).

You will be repeating this strategy throughout the fight, which realistically means that you will only be able to attack every other turn.

After the Heavenly Punisher attacks, you will have a turn before he begins Charging again. Use Joker and Ryuji to wail on him with your normal attacks or physical skills. If the team needs any healing at all, you should use Ann and Morgana’s turns to top everyone off. Otherwise, use them to attack.

Once the Heavenly Punisher starts Charging again, the cycle will repeat. Guard, attack/heal, guard again, so-on and so-forth. It will take some serious patience, but eventually the Heavenly Punisher will fall.

For the rest of Kamoshida’s Castle palace, check out our guide.

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