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Persona 5 Confidant list, rank requirements and romance options

How to win friends and influence demons

Persona 5 is filled with demons and a ton of friends who can aid you in different ways. Throughout the game, you’ll have the opportunity to forge relationships with various party members and non-playable characters. Outside the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with friendship, increasing your relationships with NPCs pays off.

Each of 21 relationships in Persona 5 are associated with a different Arcana, which are associated with the Personas you can fuse. Increasing your Confidant Rank with each person allows you to strengthen the fusions you make for Personas of that Arcana.

In addition to helping you create stronger Persona, certain characters also give you major benefits when increasing your Confidant Rank. Doing so unlocks new skills, progresses that character’s story — and for some characters, allows you to romance them and make them your partner. (You can only romance a select few female characters but no men.)

If you’re looking to level up a certain confidant and you aren’t sure what requirements you need, check out our table below, which also shows you which characters are romanceable. (If you’re looking for a more in-depth explanation, check out RPG Site.)

Spoiler warning: The list below contains spoilers about who can be a confidant.

Persona 5: Confidant list

Chariot Ryuji None At Rank 7, Ryuji learns Insta-Kill
Death Takemi Must speak at daytime, Level 2 Guts for Rank 2, Level 4 Charm for Rank 8 Special items, romanceable
Devil Ichiko Availble at night at Crossroads Bar Affects Palace Alert levels, romanceable
Emperor Yusuke Level 4 Proficiency for Rank 6 Create skill cards for Persona
Empress Haru Level 5 Proficiency for Rank 2 Plant growing skills, romanceable
Fool Igor None Persona upgrades (fusion abilities and stock upgrades)
Fortune Chihaya None Stat boosts, romanceable
Hanged Man Iwai Must speak at nighttime, Level 4 Guts for Rank 1, Level 5 Guts for Rank 8 Customize guns
Hermit Futaba Level 4 Kindess for Rank 2 Random chance, battle-based improvements, romanceable
Hierophant Sojiro Level 5 Kindess for Rank 7 Create SP restoring food items
Judgement Sae None Nothing special
Justice Goro None Nothing special
Lovers Ann Level 2 Kindess for Rank 2 Demon negotiation upgrades, romanceable
Magician Morgana None Tool crafting
Moon Mishima None XP gains
Priestess Makoto Level 3 Knowledge for Rank 1, Level 5 Charm for Rank 6 Upgraded battle analysis, romanceable
Star Hifumi Available at night, Level 3 Charm for Rank 1, Level 5 Knowledge for Rank 8 Swap party members in battle, romanceable
Strength Warden Twins Various special Personas Velvet Room upgrades
Sun Yoshida Available at night Gain more money or items from Hold Ups
Temperance Kawakami Available Friday / Saturday nights, Level 3 Guts for Rank 1 Make items at school, make items for you, romanceable
Tower Shinya Available in afternoons at Shibuya Arcade Special gun skills

Sources: RPG Site, Ranked Boosted

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