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Persona 5 guide: All of April and Kamoshida's Castle

Everything to do in April

Ryan Gilliam (he/him) has worked at Polygon for nearly seven years. He primarily spends his time writing guides for massively popular games like Diablo 4 & Destiny 2.

Persona 5’s first couple of hours are relatively story heavy. You will spend time most of your time chatting up the main characters and moving backward and forward in time. So, when you first load up the game, and hit new, you will be asked by a mysterious voice to sign a contract. As long as you accept (if you decline, you will get a funny response before being kicked back to the main menu), the game will begin.

The Heist

After a short cutscene, you will gain control of the main character. Jump from chandelier to chandelier until you reach your first encounter. The fight is extremely easy, so feel free to use any of the tools at your disposal. Don’t worry about SP or your health either, as this will be your only fight in this section.

Once the enemy falls, watch the cutscene and keep moving forward. You will come up to a light stealth section, that asks you to hide behind boxes and move forward without getting caught. Just watch the guard in front of you and move when he isn’t watching. After the guard runs by, continue until you reach a cutscene.

When the video ends, you will find yourself tied up to a chair in an interrogation room. Answer the nice man’s questions however you see fit. This is also the point in which you will select your difficulty and name your protagonist. Answer the dialogue options and watch the cutscenes. After being asked many questions by multiple different people, day 1 of Person 5 will begin.


When you gain control again, walk up the stairs and out of the subway station. You will find yourself in an alley, looking for your new home. Walk toward the police officer (ask him for directions if you want), and keep moving down the alley until you see a square, unmarked building on your map.

Try to open the gate, and a delivery man will interrupt you. The lovely gentleman who has decided to take you in is still at work, so head back toward the cop and look for the little coffee cup building on your map. Walk down the alley way and enter the Cafe. Say hello to your new home and the charming Sojiro.

After having a conversation with your new dad, he will leave you to your messy room and your luggage. Walk up to the cardboard box to begin cleaning. Once the room is livable, go to bed. It has been a pretty long day, so prepare for some weird dreams where you meet the man who asked you to sign that contract at the beginning of the game, Igor.


That was weird right? Anyway. After you get up, you are going to spend the day hanging out with Sojiro, who is wearing his lounge hat. You are going to end up in the passenger seat of his car (despite the fact that men aren’t allowed in his passenger seat, according to Sojiro) and on your way to school.

Have a dialogue session with the principle and ride back home with Sojiro. He will leave you to it and suggest that you go to bed. But don’t! Instead, wait for the phone to ring. Head downstairs, into the Cafe, and answer it (it is big and yellow and sitting close to the door). It’s Sojiro, and he wants you to flip the sign on the door to closed. Walk out the front door of the Cafe and back in. Now head back upstairs and go to bed. Tomorrow, things get weird.


This is the longest and most eventful day so far. Once you regain control, head downstairs and talk to Sojiro, who will offer you some delicious curry for breakfast. Eat the meal, and head out the door. Walk down the alleyway and toward the train station. Jump on the train and wait until you gain control again.

Taking the train to Ginza

Once you jump off the train, you have to transfer, which can actually be a little more confusing than it is in real life. You are looking for the Ginza line, which is yellow and also sometimes noted by the number 8. Follow the signs that say Ginza and you should eventually find yourself walking up some stairs and into the Station Square.

Look across the way, and enter the building with the big white letters that say "Teikyo." Walk up the stairs, and enter onto the platform for the Ginza line. Jump on the big yellow train and ride it to the next station. Exit onto the street , where you'll see another cutscene.

Ryuji, school and a dungeon

It is here where you will meet Ryuji, who you will know as the "Vulgar Boy," for most of this day. The two of you go on an adventure to get to class on time and discover that your school is actually just a scary castle. Strange.

You will find yourself locked in a dungeon once you regain control. Run around your cell and examine the objects. Eventually, a guard will come up to let you know that you will be executed soon. Watch the cutscene and discover your Persona.

Now you will find yourself in a fight with two Crypt-dwelling Pyromaniacs. Use your skill to attack them. This fight is mostly used as a tutorial, so follow the instructions given to you on the first enemy and then repeat the process on the second.

Escaping the dungeon, meeting Morgana and fighting some more

Once you exit combat, you will need to escape this literal dungeon. Run along the river until you come up to the door. After discovering that it is locked, jump across the river to your right. Continue forward until you see another point where you can cross the gap. Find the open cell and crawl through the hole in the wall.

Head across the bridge now until Ryuji demands that you hide behind a box. When the guards are no longer a problem, find some stairs and follow them. It is now time to meet Morgana, the tiny cat yelling at you from inside his cell. Chat with him, let him out, and pull the jaw on the statue.

Follow Morgana across the newly lowered bridge, and you will find yourself in another fight, this time against a Crypt-dwelling Pyromaniac and a Bedside Brute. Take them out with the help of Morgana, who is very powerful. Morgana will then give you some healing items before you move on. Use them if you need to, as you have one more fight ahead of you.

Head up the stairs toward the dungeon’s exit and fight with two Beguiling Girls (make sure to experiment with your abilities to find their weakness). Finally, escape the dungeon via the ventilation shaft.

Back in the real world

You and Ryuji will find yourselves in the real world again, and in trouble with the law. Talk to some cops and then some school officials before finally gaining the opportunity to roam the busy halls of your new academy.

You need to go meet your teacher in the work room, so go up the stairs and onto the second floor. You can take either the first or the second door on the left to trigger a cutscene. The day is almost over, but first you need to introduce yourself to the class and have a few more conversations.

After school, head up to the third floor and then find the staircase to the roof. (If you use the staircase nearest the classroom, you should be able to go all the way up to the roof via the same stairwell). Talk to Ryuji about how you two are both badasses together, and then head on home. Woof! What a long day. Time to jump in bed and ... have a another weird talk with Igor.


Today, we will be returning to the distorted version of Shujin Academy. Once you wake up and gain control, walk out of the train station and onto the street.

On your walk to school, you can stop by and listen in on some conversations that students are having around you. Eventually, you will reach a big icon that looks like the Shujin crest on the map. Walk up the stairs with the rest of the students to go to school.

You will find yourself in a classroom with a rude teacher looking to pick on the new kid. Deciding that he wants to make you look stupid, he will ask you a Philosophy question. You are given an opportunity to answer him. If you pick "logic," the teacher (as well as your fellow students) will be impressed. You will also gain +1 to your Knowledge stat.

After school, meet up with Ryuji and agree to look for the castle. Eventually, the two of you will find your way back into the mysterious realm and find a friendly face.

Back to the castle

After talking to Morgana, the gang will go back through the ventilation shaft. From here, you will regain control over the party.

Morgana will run ahead and suggest that you follow her, so do just that. You will find yourself back in the dungeon area, this time of your own volition. Head down the long spiral staircase in front of you and learn about how to ambush enemies.

Most of this section is going to involve listening to Morgana, so pay close attention to what she says.

Run across the bridge, and then hide out in the safe room. Here you can save or make conversation with your party members. Once you have spoken to each of them, head back out into the dungeon.

This is the first real place where you are given options. You are supposed to press forward to the training hall, but there is an enemy if you backtrack over the bridge. If you want some extra experience, run back and kill the guard (remember to mash the X button when you get close to ambush).

Once you are ready to progress, move down the hallway and the stairs. After Morgana explains the security system, go through the door on the left with the big red exclamation mark map icon.

Now you will be in a long corridor, and you will eventually stumble across two guards. Learn how to use guns in combat. When you come to the door at the end of the hall, you will get a tutorial on the All In system. Once the guard is disposed of, head through the door, and get an explanation about what is really going on here.

After you regain control, walk down the cellblock and investigate everything you can, attempting to memorize faces before you leave. When you are ready, head back to where you came from.

The first fight

You will be back in the main entrance of the castle, surrounded by enemies. You can’t win this fight. Eventually, the enemies will knock you and Morgana out, regardless of your health bars. Now it is finally Ryuji’s turn to be cool. Watch his awesome Persona transformation and gain control over a three-character party for the next fight.

The fight with the guard captain is fairly straightforward. He will summon in two enemies to assist him. You want to take them down first.

Using Ryuji’s new-found Persona, use Zio (his lightning skill) on the Captain’s summoned allies. They are weak to this attack, allowing Ryuji to follow up. Cast Zio on the other summon, and deal the deathblow with a normal attack.

Use the next party members to finish off the weakened summon and the next to attack the Captain directly. He hits pretty hard, but he has very little health. Unleash on him with each character's skills, and he will die without a problem.

After some more story, the party will flee the castle, and you will soon return to the real world. Talk with Ryuji and agree to start an investigation tomorrow. After the two of you go out and grab some food together, you will head back home. Talk to Sojiro, and then go to bed. Tonight, you will be having another talk with Igor, where he will explain some new game systems to you.


Today starts with the big volleyball rally. Enjoy a lovely anime cutscene where a kid gets pegged in the face with a volleyball and then take control of your character. You and Ryuji are planning on skipping the rest of the day’s matches in order to interrogate some of the volleyball students. Too bad you have to find them first.

The first player is in building 1 (the same building that you had class in a few days ago). Run there from the courtyard (it will be the left side of the map), go through the doors, and head to the second floor. You are looking for classroom 2-D, which is to the left of all major stairways. Go inside and you will find your first beaten-up volleyball man at the chalkboard. Talk to him.

Poor kid. Anyway, now back to the first floor. You are looking for classroom 3-C. Not all classrooms are labeled on the map, but they do all have small signs above their doors. When you find it, you will see a kid with bandages on his face standing by the door. Talk to him.

No dice yet again. Now up to the third floor and classroom 1-B. Same deal here: Look for the sign and talk to the kid with the bandages. He will spill the beans on a boy named Mishima who has been receiving "special coaching." Remember that name, and return to the courtyard to meet up with Ryuji. While you are waiting for him, you will meet Ann, who will become more important tomorrow. Now time for some shut eye! Head back home, and go to sleep.


Today is another pretty short day. Once you get to school, you and Ryuji will be confronted by a cat. A cat who just happens to be able to talk. Yes, Morgana has made his way to the real world to inform you about how to solve your problems. Talk to him and Ryuji for a while before it is time to head home again. No warps back to the Cafe today. You have to take the train like everyone else.

Go to the train station by Shujin. (You can get to it by just turning right off of the school stairs.) Ride the big yellow train back to your transfer point. When you get off the train, head down the stairs and run into Ann. After eavesdropping on her, she will run from you. Follow her down the stairs to the right, down the stairs to the left, and then find her standing by a green pillar.

Be nice and sympathetic toward her, and listen to all of her problems. You will get some more anime here, and the stakes will be raised in the story. Once you have made Ann feel a little better, it is time to go back home and go to sleep again.


Today starts on a sad note. Shiho, Ann’s friend on the volleyball team, throws herself off the roof of the school and into the courtyard. You and Ryuji need to find a way to get past all the students and check on her.

The usual exit is busy, so run toward the front of the school building on the first floor and run into the pack of students. Now you will be on the other side of the school. Head up and out the doors to get into the courtyard.

After Shiho gets taken away to the hospital, you and Ryuji will corner Mishima into another conversation. Once he caves, the three of you will pay a visit to Kamoshida in his office. Follow Ryuji. You are going to the second floor hallway and entering into the single blue door next to the grey double doors. Now things will go from bad to worse as you learn the horrible things that Kamoshida has done. He also threatens to expel all of you.

Back to the castle

Now you are going back to the castle, and accidentally bringing Ann along with you. Once you kick her out, head through the ventilation shaft and turn left. After a brief cutscene, go through this door, and learn the Hold Up technique. After two fights, you will go through another hallway and pass a barred corridor. Keep going until you come across a room full of guards.

Take care of the enemies, and grab the chest in the corner. Now you will find yourself in a safe room as you eavesdrop on some guards who have captured Ann. The heist is on hold now, so leave the safe room and backtrack through the now respawned enemies. Once you come up to the previously locked hallway, head down it to find Ann.

Fighting the guard captain

Watch Ann discover her Persona, and then fight a demon sitting on a toilet. Use Ann’s new fire ability to weaken it, and then beat on it with your other teammates. He can hit your entire party at once, so take him down as fast as possible. He doesn’t have much health, so just use your strongest abilities, and take him down before he gets the chance to hit you too many times.

Back to the real world. Time to take Morgana back to your room. Eventually, Sojiro will find out and prove himself to be a big softy, just like we always expected. He will let Morgana stay and even bring him some food. Now go to sleep. It has been a long day.


Time for a short day. Meet The gang in the hideout on the roof of Shujin. After you talk to the team, you will be back in your neighborhood. Take two lefts, and enter the clinic. Talk the doctor into selling you lots of drugs before going to sleep again.


Time to shop for some cool new weapons. Follow Ryuji, who is in a very purple sweatshirt. He will lead you down a shady looking alley and into a shop that sells replica weapons. Take a look at what you would like to buy. There are melee weapons, guns, armor and accessories to choose from. Try not to spend too much, and then go on home.

Time to clean off the desk nearest your bed so that Morgana can teach you how to create tools for infiltration. Build yourself a lock pick, and then head off to sleep.

Dungeon prep and free time

Starting on 4/18 you will be given some free time. You have 14 days to steal Kamoshida’s treasure inside the castle. You could go in starting on the 18th, or you could prepare a little bit more and strengthen your relationships. Don’t wait too long, as dungeons take a couple days. If you take your time before going in, there are a couple different things that you can do:

  • Spend time with your teammates to increase your stats, and your relationship with them.
  • Craft more tools in your room.
  • Check out books from the library to increase your stats.
  • Explore different stores and buy different items for your dungeoneering.
  • Spend time with other confidants like Sojiro or Takemi, the clinic worker.
  • Get a job by finding a part-time job magazine in the subway station.
  • Visit places like the bathhouse or the batting cages to increase your stats.
  • Clean your room for some items, access to your very own plant and the ability to train your maximum health.

4/18: Kamoshida's Castle

Once you feel prepared and have acquired all of the medicine and tools that you want, head onto the roof after school to call a meeting. You can talk up here with the gang, and they will give you some general tips. When you are ready to take the plunge, hit the infiltrate palace option.

The four of you will appear in the Metaverse and Ann will get to pick her new nickname. Before going into the palace again, Igor will pull you into the Velvet Room to explain a new system. Learn how to fuse Personas as well as the invaluable Third Eye skill. Once you are done, exit back to the castle.

Navigating Kamoshida's Castle should be fairly clear. If there is an area on the map that is grayed out and that you haven’t visited, go there. Kamoshida's Castle has a mostly easy to understand layout. However, be sure to use Third Eye in every room that you go to as it will help you find tons of important items and interactions.

Table of contents

The safe room, learning cover and the map

From the Castle gate, fast travel to the Safe Room called West Building 1F. It is here that we start our journey in grand larceny. Head out of the safe room and to the left, to the yet unopened door. In this new area, clear out the enemies and then use Third Eye for the first time. Move into the next hallway, through the door, and up the stairs.

Here, Morgana should teach you have how to use cover, an incredibly useful tool for ambushing every enemy you come across. Sneak your way down the hallway, taking out the enemies. Once you reach the end, take the door out. You will now be in a room with a cage and goat statues. Use Third Eye, follow the footsteps, and pull the highlighted levers in order. Buh-nuh-nuh-nuh, you have found the dungeon map!

Image: Atlus via Polygon

Rafters, chandeliers and another safe room

From the map room, move into the next hallway and then exit out into the main hall on the second floor. This will look pretty familiar, just a little higher up than usual. Use Third Eye to discover points where you can jump onto the rafters and across the chandeliers. Watch for enemies though, as one can spawn on the central chandelier.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

After reaching the other side, do not jump down. Instead, shimmy your way around to the outside wall and find a new infiltration point. If you need to leave and come back, you will have an easy access point. Return to the second floor and venture into the next room. Open the chest with your lockpick and find a new Safe Room.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

The banquet hall, the meat room and another safe room

Once you feel comfortable, leave the Safe Room and press on into the next area.

Head down the hallway and into some tougher enemies. This may be the first difficulty spike but it will not be your last. Be careful not to overuse your SP on enemies you can easily take out with basic melee strikes.

You should now be in a large, connected banquet hall with plenty of enemies. Take them all out, and move forward. Remember that if you are hurt, you can use medicine in the menu or Dia, your character's healing spells, out of combat (Ann usually has some SP to spare). After the banquet area, move into the meat room.

Clear out the enemies here as usual, and move forward. You will now be in a hallway with a locked door at the end of it. But you are Phantom Thieves! Don’t get discouraged, climb the bookcase on the left side of the room instead. Once you are hanging around the ceiling, climb through the crawl space and into a chest room.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

Leap onto the enemy to ambush them and press forward (you can unlock the locked door for easier backtracking). Now head up the stairs and find another Safe Room. If you have been going this entire time, consider heading back to restock on medicine and to auto-replenish your health and SP.

Keep in mind that if you leave, you can do any number of things that don’t involve passing time, such as fast traveling to shops (weapons or medicine), and still go back to the palace. If you want to take a day off to go to the batting cages or work, you can do that, too. Whenever you want to head back in, go back to the hideout.

The library and another safe room

Once back in the dungeon (fast travel to Safe Room East Building 3F), press forward into the curved hallway. There is a split here, and one direction will look like it goes to a dead end. Head that way first. Open the door, and enter into a small room with lots of shelves. Use Third Eye to discover a book, and grab it. This is The Slave book, and you will need it soon.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

Now head down the other part of the hallway, until you reach a door. Go through that door, and you will be in a large room with a barred door. Don’t bother trying to open it, Instead, clear out all the enemies to give yourself space. Go into the two long side rooms, but beware of enemies. Once the coast is clear, grab the Queen and King books from their respective rooms.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

Now that you have all three books, head down the narrow hallway with a locked treasure chest. If you have the tools, pop it open after defeating its guard. If you turn left through a door before reaching the chest, you will find Kamoshida's giant library. Time to use those books!

First look toward your right and you will find a hole in the shelf. The party will remark about how the books are similar to the boy’s volleyball team. Place the Slave book in the empty space, and head to the shelf directly across from the door.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

At the far shelf, the books all resemble the girl's team and conquests of Kamoshida, like Ann. Place the Queen book in the empty slot and move to the left side bookcase.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

All of these books are about Kamoshida, so naturally the King book goes here.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

Once all the books are in their proper place, a secret fetish dungeon will open in the back. Walk in, and to the left to complete your map and find a key to the locked door. Now you need to go out of the library and back to the gated door. Pull the lever with the key, and move through.

Head down the hall, and find another Safe Room. You are a little over halfway through, and now is where things get tough. Save and prepare yourself for a tough fight.

The chapel

Leave the Safe Room, and tell Morgana that you want to keep going. There will be a short cutscene and then a fight with a difficult Guard Captain. Morgana will teach you how to block, which is the not-so-subtle hint to this encounter. This mini-boss has lots of health and powerful attacks.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

The key here is to use block on every member the turn after it says that he is charging. His next turn will do devastating damage to a blocking target and most likely one-shot kill an open one. Attack him on alternate turns, and use defense debuffs and attack buffs to get through it. Be patient while using Morgana or Ann to heal allies who get hurt, and the shadow will go down.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the elimination of their captain floods the area with guards. As soon as you gain control, run back to the Safe Room and hide. If you are defeated, you have to start the entire chapel scenario again. After a moment, venture back into the chapel to clear out the enemies.

After everyone is gone, go to the right side of the room, and climb up some boxes. Jump along the pillars toward the back of the room, away from the massive stature of Kamoshida. Jump down at the far point to get a chest. Now jump back up onto the ledge and climb through the back opening. Here you will find some rafters that you can cross.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

After crossing to the other side, move toward the back wall and jump down. There is another chest and an enemy. Take the guard out, and grab the loot. Now climb back up, jump your way to the front of the chapel, and head through the door. The enemies here are very difficult so do not take the fight lightly. Be sure to use your SP to knock them down. Even on the normal difficulty, some of these enemies can kill your entire party if they are lucky.

Go through the hallway, killing enemies and checking out the side rooms. (The left side room has an enemy, and the right one has a chest.) Once everything is cleared out, head into the stairwell at the end of the hall. Down the stairs is an enemy and a locked chest, and up is our next destination.

On the roof

You will now find yourself on the roof of the Kamoshida's Castle, which is very difficult. Carefully sneak past the enemies here on your way to the far left wall, which is climbable. If you are low on SP and HP, avoid fights and run from them if you get caught. If you are gutsy, you can take them on, as they yield decent XP.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

Once at the wall, climb up and up and up as far as you can go. The path is very straightforward. Just beware of prompts asking if you want to jump down (this way leads to sadness, so don’t do it). Eventually, you will find yourself in the tower, the final step toward the treasure that is Kamoshida's heart.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

The tower

You will now be in a circular tower area that is heavily distorted. Walk around and fight enemies while looking for chests. There is a small side room that has an elevator in it that will take you down to another chest, enemy and shortcut. Explore it if you wish, but press on once you are done.

In the room with the large stairwell, there is a lever to unlock a door as well as a Safe Room. Use it, and take a break for the day if you are low on resources.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

The crescent room, the bridge and the eyes

Once back in the dungeon, head up the crazy floating stairs to the right and into the next area. Here you will find the crescent room. From here on out enemies are fairly dangerous, so engage them with caution. Clear out the room as usual and head up the stairs. Clear out the enemies here as well and grab the treasure by the large barred wall. Now move up the stairs and into another stairwell.

It is here that you will discover the danger bridge, and there is no super cool spy way to pass it. Instead, head back to the crescent room and find a Guard Captain (the one in gold armor). Beat him up and get one of the statue's eyes. Now you need the matching one.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

Head down one more floor to the room just outside of the Safe Room. There will be three enemies that look like guard captains here, but only one is the real deal. Use Third Eye to find the most filled in enemy (the other two should look hollow by comparison). Attack the real captain, and get the second eye.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

Now head back to the danger bridge, and pull on the statue. You will be able to cross safely. Grab some treasure, and then head up more stairs.

Past the bridge to a safe room

You will be in a large empty room. Go to where the stairs should be on your map and be interrupted by a guard captain. He will turn into a real creepy looking thing that you will have to defeat before pressing on.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

Attack it with your spells, and use your buffs and debuffs. Eventually it will go down just as all the other have. Turn back toward the stairwell, and hug the left side. The stairs will appear under your feet as you run up. Exit through the door, and head up more stairs. There is one final Safe Room, the Throne Room Safe Room at the end of the hall, so go unlock it.

Press onward to find the treasure room. Head up to the large double doors, and look to the stature on the left. Jump up the statue, and enter through the hole in the wall. Kamoshida and his guards will be below, so super-sleuth your way across the walkway and toward the treasure room on your map. Do not go down the stairs. Kamoshida will get his soon enough.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

Calling card

Once you reach the treasure, Morgana will explain the concept of the Calling Card to the team. Head out of the dungeon for today, and go to sleep. The next day after school, go up to the roof for a meeting. If you are done with the dungeon completely, select the option for Calling Card to set the end in motion. Now head to sleep.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

The next day, Ryuji will have placed the Calling Cards all over the bulletin board at school. The students will all freak out, and Kamoshida will be furious. Time to enter into the palace one last time, and steal his heart.

Boss: Suguru Asmodeus Kamoshida

Once you are back in the Metaverse, fast travel to the Throne Room Safe Room. Exit and head straight for the treasure. The double doors have been left wide open, so head up and steal the crown. As you are leaving, you will be confronted by the king himself. Time for a boss fight.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

After a cutscene, Kamoshida will morph into a hideous monster. In this initial phase, there isn’t much to do beyond wailing on him. So if you have any defense debuffs at your disposal, use them. Similarly, buff your teammates. He doesn’t hit too terribly hard, so just concern yourself with attack. Once his health bar goes down a little, he will drink from his chalice, restoring his health to full.

Now you can target his cup, so do do that. Attack it until it is destroyed. Again, Kamoshida doesn’t do much damage with his attacks, but be sure to periodically use your teammates to heal with Dia.

Image: Atlus via Polygon Image: Atlus via Polygon

After his cup is destroyed, you can send a teammate on a solo mission to steal either the treasure or the crown. Select Ryuji to steal the crown, since he seems to have a bone to pick with Kamoshida and the boss is too busy staring at Ann (literally).

Ryuji will now leave the party, and sneak around the side. Soon, Kamoshida will wind up his Killshot ability. When he does this, block, as it will deal massive damage to the entire party.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

To let Ryuji move, you need to deal damage to Kamoshida. Stick with your general strategy of buffing and debuffing. Use Morgana and Ann’s spells on Kamoshida to take his health down fast. As you deal more damage, Ryuji will make his way toward the crown.

Once Ryuji is on the second floor, a short scene will take place. Kamoshida will realize that someone is missing, but too little too late. Ryuji will knock the crown off of the king’s head, and he will be discouraged, opening himself up to an All In attack. Ryuji will rejoin the team, and Kamoshida will take a ton of extra damage from all attacks. Wail on him with everything you’ve got, and he will go down in no time.

Image: Atlus via Polygon

After the fight, there is some lengthy dialogue and an escape the castle cutscene. Now all there is left is to go to school and see how your actions have impacted the real world.