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Persona 5 guide and walkthrough

Tips, tricks, daily doings and palaces

Persona 5 is a game full of "polish, allure and charm," as we said in our review. It’s also a game with 100 or more hours of content, difficult dungeons and complex social interactions with a lively cast of characters. In Polygon’s Persona 5 guide, we’ll show you how to navigate the hours ahead of you.

We've split our guide up into three sections. Tips and tricks will introduce you to the game, give you a head start and explain important mechanics like negotiations and hold ups. Next comes a section all about increasing your social stats like charm, guts, kindness, knowledge and proficiency. Then there's a day-by-day Persona 5 walkthrough.

Beginner's guides

Tips and tricks

Enemies, items and weapons

Raising your social stats


Persona 5 loves a calendar, so we’ve arranged our walkthrough based on in-game dates — months, specifically. Just use the links below to get wherever you want to be.

Classroom questions and answers, by day and month










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