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Persona 5 guide: 4/9 walkthrough

April 9 walkthrough

When you gain control again in Persona 5, walk up the stairs and out of the subway station. You will find yourself in an alley, looking for your new home. Walk toward the police officer (ask him for directions if you want), and keep moving down the alley until you see a square, unmarked building on your map.

Try to open the gate, and a delivery man will interrupt you. The lovely gentleman who has decided to take you in is still at work, so head back toward the cop and look for the little coffee cup building on your map. Walk down the alley way and enter the Cafe. Say hello to your new home and the charming Sojiro.

After having a conversation with your new dad, he will leave you to your messy room and your luggage. Walk up to the cardboard box to begin cleaning. Once the room is livable, go to bed. It has been a pretty long day, so prepare for some weird dreams where you meet the man who asked you to sign that contract at the beginning of the game, Igor.

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