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Persona 5 guide: 4/11 walkthrough

April 11

This is the longest and most eventful day so far. Once you regain control, head downstairs and talk to Sojiro, who will offer you some delicious curry for breakfast. Eat the meal, and head out the door. Walk down the alleyway and toward the train station. Jump on the train and wait until you gain control again.

Taking the train to Ginza

Once you jump off the train, you have to transfer, which can actually be a little more confusing than it is in real life. You are looking for the Ginza line, which is yellow and also sometimes noted by the number 8. Follow the signs that say Ginza and you should eventually find yourself walking up some stairs and into the Station Square.

Look across the way, and enter the building with the big white letters that say "Teikyo." Walk up the stairs, and enter onto the platform for the Ginza line. Jump on the big yellow train and ride it to the next station. Exit onto the street , where you'll see another cutscene.

Ryjoi, school and a dungeon

It is here where you will meet Ryoji, who you will know as the "Vulgar Boy," for most of this day. The two of you go on an adventure to get to class on time and discover that your school is actually just a scary castle. Strange.

You will find yourself locked in a dungeon once you regain control. Run around your cell and examine the objects. Eventually, a guard will come up to let you know that you will be executed soon. Watch the cutscene and discover your Persona.

Now you will find yourself in a fight with two Crypt-dwelling Pyromaniacs. Use your skill to attack them. This fight is mostly used as a tutorial, so follow the instructions given to you on the first enemy and then repeat the process on the second.

Escaping the dungeon, meeting Morgana and fighting some more

Once you exit combat, you will need to escape this literal dungeon. Run along the river until you come up to the door. After discovering that it is locked, jump across the river to your right. Continue forward until you see another point where you can cross the gap. Find the open cell and crawl through the hole in the wall.

Head across the bridge now until Ryoji demands that you hide behind a box. When the guards are no longer a problem, find some stairs and follow them. It is now time to meet Morgana, the tiny cat yelling at you from inside his cell. Chat with him, let him out, and pull the jaw on the statue.

Follow Morgana across the newly lowered bridge, and you will find yourself in another fight, this time against a Crypt-dwelling Pyromaniac and a Bedside Brute. Take them out with the help of Morgana, who is very powerful. Morgana will then give you some healing items before you move on. Use them if you need to, as you have one more fight ahead of you.

Head up the stairs toward the dungeon’s exit and fight with two Beguiling Girls (make sure to experiment with your abilities to find their weakness). Finally, escape the dungeon via the ventilation shaft.

Back in the real world

You and Ryoji will find yourselves in the real world again, and in trouble with the law. Talk to some cops and then some school officials before finally gaining the opportunity to roam the busy halls of your new academy.

You need to go meet your teacher in the work room, so go up the stairs and onto the second floor. You can take either the first or the second door on the left to trigger a cutscene. The day is almost over, but first you need to introduce yourself to the class and have a few more conversations.

After school, head up to the third floor and then find the staircase to the roof. (If you use the staircase nearest the classroom, you should be able to go all the way up to the roof via the same stairwell). Talk to Ryoji about how you two are both badasses together, and then head on home. Woof! What a long day. Time to jump in bed and ... have a another weird talk with Igor.

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