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Persona 5 guide: 4/12 walkthrough

What to do on April 12

Today, we will be returning to the distorted version of Shujin Academy. Once you wake up and gain control, walk out of the train station and onto the street.

On your walk to school, you can stop by and listen in on some conversations that students are having around you. Eventually, you will reach a big icon that looks like the Shujin crest on the map. Walk up the stairs with the rest of the students to go to school.

You will find yourself in a classroom with a rude teacher looking to pick on the new kid. Deciding that he wants to make you look stupid, he will ask you a Philosophy question. You are given an opportunity to answer him. If you pick "logic," the teacher (as well as your fellow students) will be impressed. You will also gain +1 to your Knowledge stat.

After school, meet up with Ryuji and agree to look for the castle. Eventually, the two of you will find your way back into the mysterious realm and find a friendly face.

Back to the castle

After talking to Morgana, the gang will go back through the ventilation shaft. From here, you will regain control over the party.

Morgana will run ahead and suggest that you follow her, so do just that. You will find yourself back in the dungeon area, this time of your own volition. Head down the long spiral staircase in front of you and learn about how to ambush enemies.

Most of this section is going to involve listening to Morgana, so pay close attention to what she says.

Run across the bridge, and then hide out in the safe room. Here you can save or make conversation with your party members. Once you have spoken to each of them, head back out into the dungeon.

This is the first real place where you are given options. You are supposed to press forward to the training hall, but there is an enemy if you backtrack over the bridge. If you want some extra experience, run back and kill the guard (remember to mash the X button when you get close to ambush).

Once you are ready to progress, move down the hallway and the stairs. After Morgana explains the security system, go through the door on the left with the big red exclamation mark map icon.

Now you will be in a long corridor, and you will eventually stumble across two guards. Learn how to use guns in combat. When you come to the door at the end of the hall, you will get a tutorial on the All In system. Once the guard is disposed of, head through the door, and get an explanation about what is really going on here.

After you regain control, walk down the cellblock and investigate everything you can, attempting to memorize faces before you leave. When you are ready, head back to where you came from.

The first fight

You will be back in the main entrance of the castle, surrounded by enemies. You can’t win this fight. Eventually, the enemies will knock you and Morgana out, regardless of your health bars. Now it is finally Ryuji’s turn to be cool. Watch his awesome Persona transformation and gain control over a three-character party for the next fight.

The fight with the guard captain is fairly straightforward. He will summon in two enemies to assist him. You want to take them down first.

Using Ryuji’s new-found Persona, use Zio (his lightning skill) on the Captain’s summoned allies. They are weak to this attack, allowing Ryuji to follow up. Cast Zio on the other summon, and deal the deathblow with a normal attack.

Use the next party members to finish off the weakened summon and the next to attack the Captain directly. He hits pretty hard, but he has very little health. Unleash on him with each character's skills, and he will die without a problem.

After some more story, the party will flee the castle, and you will soon return to the real world. Talk with Ryuji and agree to start an investigation tomorrow. After the two of you go out and grab some food together, you will head back home. Talk to Sojiro, and then go to bed. Tonight, you will be having another talk with Igor, where he will explain some new game systems to you.

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